Kingsborough’s Annual Awards Ceremony 2020

Kingsborough’s Annual Awards Ceremony is a special event that recognizes the many outstanding achievement of our students. However, this year we are unable to celebrate these milestones in person. We invite you to take part in recognizing our exceptional students and their achievements through our Annual Awards Ceremony site below. You will find greetings from President Claudia V. Schrader, view the virtual presentation of awards, awards and their recipients, and more.

Congratulations to our outstanding students! 


Greetings from Dr. Claudia V. Schrader, President





David Gonzalez, 2020 Salutatorian


Professor Marie McGovern, Faculty Co-Chair
Dean Brian R. Mitra, Administrative Co-Chair
Prof. Alison Better, Behavioral Science and Human Services
Prof. Sarah Bradwisch, Nursing
Prof. Jacek Czarnecki,  History, Philosophy and Political Science
Prof. Carlos de Cuba, Communications and Performing Arts
Prof. Morris Didia, Business
Prof. Alfred Dolich, Mathematics and Computer Science
Prof. Richard Garavuso, Physical Sciences
Prof. Daniel Kane, Tourism and Hospitality
Prof. Amy Karp, English
Gardy Louis, Office of the Registrar
Prof. Elizabeth Mulligan, Biological Sciences
Dr. Maria Patestas , Office of Student Life
Prof. Frantz Leconte, Foreign Languages
Prof. Silvea Thomas, Health, Physical Education and Recreation
Prof. Julie Turley, Library and Media Services
Prof. Midori Yamamura, Art Department

Administrative Support

Valarie Matta, Administrative Assistant
Helen-Margaret Nasser, Director of Student Union & Intercultural Center


I am so impressed by all of you, your contributions and your accomplishments!  Go live your best lives and continue to make us proud!
Dr. Maria Patestas, Director of Student Life

The faculty of the Behavioral Sciences Department wish to congratulate our Awardees and we hope that they will remain in touch with us to keep us informed of all of their future successes.
– Dr. Michael V. Miranda, Chair – Behavioral Sciences

Congratulations to the TAH Department award winners and all the graduates of 2020, keep striving for excellence!
– Dr. Daniel Kane, Tourism & Hospitality

Congratulations to the TAH Department award winners and to all the graduates of 2020!
– Dr. Anthony Borgese, Chair – Tourism & Hospitality

Congratulations to all awardees!
– Prof Richard Garavuso, Physical Sciences

On Behalf of the Business Dept., I would like to congratulate you on a job well done under extreme and unexpected circumstances.  In times of adversity, the best rise to the top.  I salute you all!
– Prof. Morris Didia, Business

It has been a challenging semester for everyone, but you did it, Congratulations! 
May you be healthy and enjoy your careers.
– Prof. Theresa Mastrianni, Fashion Merchandising

- Prof. Alfredo Dolich, Mathematics & Computer Science

- Carlos de Cuba, Communications and Performing Arts