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Asset Transfer/Relocation/Salvage

Departments must notify the Fixed Assets Manager on a regular basis of any asset salvage, relocation within the campus, internal or external transfers, change in custodian etc. to maintain an accurate database.

The Property Control form, which can be accessed on the KCC Asset Management Web page, must be used to communicate this information. The CUNY tag number, item description, manufacturer, model number, serial number, old location of the asset and new location must be filled out and signed by the department’s Chairperson or Director.

Lost/Stolen Assets


To ensure any lost or stolen asset(s) are reported to the college's Public Safety Office and are documented in CUNYfirst. The Public Safety Office will conduct an investigation and provide Asset Management with a written report.


  • According to internal control guidelines issued by CUNY, all Colleges are required to report the theft or loss of any equipment or assets to the Public Safety.
  • A copy of this incident report should also be provided to the Fixed Assets Manager for these items to be marked as “Loss/Stolen” in CUNYfirst
  • After reviewing, Property Management personnel will send a copy of the report including the list of items that have been disposed as stolen or loss in CUNYfirst to the Office of the University Controller.
  • If items marked as loss/stolen are subsequently found, the Fixed Assets Manager is to be notified via email indicating that the item has been recovered and is again part of the college inventory.

All lost or stolen asset(s) that are identified will be reported to Public Safety and are documented in the Fixed Assets and Public Safety Office

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