President Schrader


College President Personally Greets Freshmen, Transfer Students Where They Live

We’re so excited to welcome students to Kingsborough Community College for the 2020-2021 academic year that President Schrader could not wait until the first day of school. So, with the help of the KCC Office of Admissions, she loaded up the #KCCWelcomeWagon with SWAG bags and set off across the city to every borough, and even Long Island, to meet, greet and welcome freshmen and transfer students to KCC!  

 “In these uncertain times, we want to remind students that they made the right choice  to not only pursue their educational goals and dreams, but to do so at Kingsborough Community College, ‘Where Dreams Begin!’ ”

— President Claudia V. Schrader

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Chancellor Rodriguez joins President Schrader on #KCCWelcomeWagon visit

#CUNY chancellor drove and the #KCC president called shotgun. Chancellor Félix V. Matos Rodríguez, the Chancellor of the Greatest Urban University in the World, joined CUNY Kingsborough's #KCCWelcomeWagon in NYC’s Greatest Borough! #Brooklyn CUNY

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