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Chemistry 11. General Chemistry I


Experiment 1 Density
Experiment 2 Graphical Analysis
Experiment 3 Copper
Experiment 4 Oxygen
Experiment 5 Vinegar
Experiment 6 Seawater
Experiment 7 Bleach
Experiment 8 Thermochemistry
Experiment 9 Hydrogen spectrum
Experiment 10 Chemical Bonding
Experiment 11 Spectrophotometry
Experiment 12 Freezing Point
Molar Mass of a Condensable Vapor

Molar Volume of Carbon Dioxide Gas

Homework Solutions


Chapter 6 Oxidation-Reduction Reactions (pdf)

Chapter 7 Energy and Chemical Change: Breaking and Making Bonds (pdf)
Chapter 8 The Quantum Mechanical Atom(pdf)
Chemical Bonding: General Concepts(pdf)
Chapter 10 Review Questions (pdf)
Chemistry 11  PAST EXAMS

Chemistry 12  General Chemistry II


Course syllabus(pdf)

Schedule of Laboratory Experiments (pdf)

Experiment 1
Chemical Equilibrium and Le Châtelier’s Principle

Experiment 2
Qualitative Analysis

Experiment 3
Radioactivity: Effect of Distance and Absorbers

Experiment 4
Analysis by Gas Chromatography

Experiment 5 
Kinetics: The Oxidation of Iodide by Hydrogen Peroxide(pdf)

Experiment 6
Determination of the Equilibrium Constant for Bromocresol Green

Experiment 7
Titration Curves of Strong and Weak Acids and Bases

Experiment 8
Calculation of the Solubility Product Constant of Silver Acetate
Experiment 9
Establishing a Table of Reduction Potentials

Experiment 10
Synthesis of a Copper Coordination Complex and Aspirin with Demonstrations of the Synthesis of Nylon, Bakelite, and Polyvinyl Alcohol Slime

Chemistry 12 PAST EXAMS