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Students entering KCC for the first time or changed your major after September 1, 2013 must fulfill the CUNY Pathways course requirements.

The Pathways requirements for Mental Health and Human Services are:

  • General Concentration
  • Domestic Violence Concentration
  • Alcohol/ Substance Abuse Concentration
Civic Engagement Requirement: KCC requires students to take 2 civic engagement courses. In Mental Health and Human Services, our 2-course Field Internship requirement meets the civic engagement requirement.

Writing Intensive Requirement: KCC requires students to take 1 writing intensive course. In Mental Health and Human Services, we have one writing intensive course instructor, Professor Billies. (That means, if you take Professor Billies’ courses you will meet your writing intensive requirement. This does not include the field internship.)

Your particular degree requirements correspond to the College Catalog for the semester/year your entered Kingsborough or last changed your major. If you need a catalog earlier than the current catalog, please click
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