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MH Office Staff:

Caroline Hallmark 
Lisa Fulcher
Siobhan Sammon
Office Phone: 718-368-5253
Room D313
Program Director:
Charles Guigno, Ed.D.
Office Phone: 718-368-5195
Room D313

Full Time Mental Health and Human Services Faculty:

Dr. Charles Guigno, Program Director, D-313,
Dr. Michelle Billies, D-326,
Susan Ednie, D-316,  
George Kapetanakis, D-325,
Dr. Juann Watson, D-328,

Adjunct Mental Health and Human Services Faculty:

Diana Franschman
Caroline Hallmark
Arlene Lehman
Veronica McHugh
William Miranda
Yelena Repka
Mardie Sheiken
Edik Simcha

The Mental Health and Human Services Program is part of the Department of Behavioral Science and Human Services.
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