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Liberal Arts majors at Kingsborough may elect to graduate with a Concentration in English. To graduate with this concentration, you must earn a total of nine credits from any combination of qualifying literature courses and creative writing courses. You may undertake the Concentration in English in order to strengthen your college record for purposes of transferring, or because you wish to go on to major or minor in English at a four-year college, or simply because you are interested in the courses in literature and creative writing that are part of this Concentration. In any event, the expansive reading, writing, and thinking you’ll do in all literature and creative writing courses will help prepare you for future education, employment, and life. 

Literature courses:
ENG 3000 Introduction to Literature
ENG 3100 Classical and Biblical Literature
ENG 3200 World Literature
ENG 3500 Modern European Literature
ENG 4000 Short Fiction
ENG 4200 Poetry
ENG 4300 Drama
ENG 4400 The Tragic Vision
ENG 4500 The Comic Spirit
ENG 4800 American Environmental Literature
ENG 6300 Shakespeare
ENG 6400 Adventure Literature
ENG 6500 Literature and Film
ENG 6600 Literature and Human Behavior
ENG 6700 Women and Literature
ENG 6800 Gothic and Horror Fiction
ENG 7300 Themes in American Literature I: Beginnings to 1865
ENG 7400 Themes in American Literature II: 1865 to Present
ENG 7700 The Roots of African American Literature
ENG 7800 Contemporary African American Literature

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