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Frequently Asked Questions


We strongly recommend for you to make an appointment for advisement regarding your classes.
Also, this may eliminate problems with financial aid and graduation eligibility.
Please call to make an appointment at 718-368-6696.

Can I have advisement on the phone or by email?
No advisement is allowed on the phone or through email. You may have advisement in person only in D124 due to confidential purposes. Please make an appointment at 1-718-368-6696.

What will I study in Liberal Arts?
A major in Liberal Arts will provide you with a broad spectrum of knowledge. You will take classes from a variety of subjects.

What can I do with my associate degree in Liberal Arts?
You may transfer to a four year college/university and continue your education at the Bachelor’s level.
Many employers are now looking for employees who can think critically, communicate well and have a broad knowledge of the world. That is what you will gain with a Liberal Arts degree.

Are there concentrations in Liberal Arts?
Students who major in Liberal Arts choose a concentration from the following list of concentrations:
Baruch Business Transfer
Children’s Studies
English Literature
Global & Environmental Studies
Secondary Education
Women’s & Gender Studies

Can I major in Liberal Arts without a concentration?
No, if you just want a general Liberal Arts degree, choose the General concentration.

What is the A.A. degree and why is Liberal Arts an A.A. degree – not an A.S. degree?
Candidates for the Associate in Arts (A.A.) degree must satisfactorily complete required credits from a wide range of Liberal Arts subjects. The other degrees do not.

Where can I find a description of courses and their pre or co-requisite?

Can I take World Politics instead of American Politics?
No, you need to take an American Politics course for your Liberal Arts requirement. A World Politics course would be counted as an elective course only.

Can I take only American Politics or only American History?
No, you need to take two courses: one in American Politics and one in American History.

Can I take only American History or only World History?
No, you need to take two courses: one in American History and one in World History.



How many of my credits will transfer from the Kingsborough Liberal arts degree?
If you obtain the associate degree in Liberal Arts, all 60 credits will transfer to a CUNY college.
Note: if you do NOT get your degree, and transfer, you are at risk of not having all your credits transferred.
We can NOT promise which credits will transfer to non CUNY colleges/universities.

Who can help me with the transfer application to CUNY or private four year college/universities when I finish my degree at Kingsborough?
Transfer advisors in M101 are there to help you.

I have questions about transferring in credits to Kingsborough. Who can help me?
Personnel in the register office in A101 are there to help you.



I have questions about English. Who can help me?
Visit the English department in F309 or call at 1718-368-5931.

Check Kingsborough catalog for English course descriptions.



I have questions about Math. Who can help me?
Visit the Math department in F309 or call at 1718-368-5931.

Check Kingsborough catalog for Math course descriptions.



What is Pathways?

Am I a Pathways student?
Students who entered KBCC in or after Fall 2013 are Pathways students.

I entered KBCC prior to Fall 2013. Why was I put in as a Pathways student?
Students who changed their major in or after Fall 2013 are automatically changed as a Pathways student.

What are the college requirements/ required core for the Liberal Art degree?

What is the flexible core?

What are the department requirements for the major?

Select ONE:

Art, Music, Media & Film Studies or Theatre


ART- any art class
MUS 2100 or 2200* or 2400 or 2700 or 3000 or 3100
MCM 3000
MCF 4000 or 4300 or 4400
THA 5000 or 5100 or 6700 or 6800

*Pre-requisite: MUS 3000 or MUS 3100

One Speech class


SPE 1000 or 1100 (Not for students at the ENG 1200 or 2400 level) or 1200 or 2100 or 2400 or 2500 or 2600 or 2700 or 2900

One Literature class

after passing ENG 12

Any ENG 3000 – 7800   Except 5500, 5600 and 5700


One Philosophy class


One American Politics class

POL 5100 or 5300 or 5400 or 5500 or 5600 or 6100 or 6300 or 6500 or 6600 or 6700 or 6800 or 7200*

*Pre-requisite: POL 6300 and SOC 3100

One American History class


HIS 100 or 1100 or 1200 or 1500 or 1700 or 1800 or 2000 or 2100 or 4100 or 4300 or 5000 or 5500 or 5900 or 6200 or 6800 or 6900

Select ONE:

World History or Anthropology

HIS 3100 or 3200 or 3300 or 3400 or 3600 or 3700 or 4200 or 4400 or 5100 or 5200 or 5300 or 5600 or 5700 or 6300 or 6400 or 6500 or 6600 or 6700 or 7000
ANT 3700 or 3800* or 3900^

*Pre-requisite: ANT 3700, SOC 3100, POL 5000, POL 5900, POL 6300, POL 6500 or PHI 7900
^Pre-requisite: ANT 3700, SOC 3100, or PSY 1100

One Psychology class


PSY 1100 or 2400^ or 2800* or 3000*# or 3200*+ or 3300* or 3400* or 3500* or 3600* or 3700*

* Pre-requisite: PSY 1100
^Pre-requisite:PSY 3000 or PSY 3200
# Not open to students who have completed PSY 3200.
+ Not open to students who have completed PSY 3000

One Sociology class


SOC 3100 or 3200* or 3300* or 3500^ or 3600^ or 3800^ or 3900+

* Pre-requisite: SOC 3100 or ANT 37
^Pre-requisite: SOC 3100
+Pre-requisite: SOC 3100, PSY 11 or ANT 3700



What is a writing intensive course?

I took ENG1200 and ENG 2400. Do these courses satisfy a writing intensive requirement?
No, while these are writing courses, they do NOT fulfill your writing intensive requirement for graduation.

How do I know if I took a writing intensive course?
Login to your CUNY Portal account
Then click on your Degree Audit
Check the Writing Across of Curriculum line to see if you met the requirement or not.

Who is required to take a writing intensive course before graduating?
Students who entered KCC in or after Fall 2010 must complete a writing intensive course as a requirement for graduation. In addition, students who changed their major in or after Fall 2010 must also meet this graduation requirement.

When are writing intensive courses offered?
Writing intensive courses are offered during the Fall and Spring semesters ONLY.

Which are writing intensive courses?
The Writing Intensive requirement can be met in many subjects and courses.
Note: ENG 12 and ENG 24 are not writing intensive courses.
Writing Intensive sections of a course change each semester.

How do I find writing intensive classes and sections?
Use the Search for Classes function of CUNYFirst.
Go to the Course Attribute drop-down menu and select Writing Intensive course.



What is Civic Engagement?



All financial aid related questions should be addressed with a financial aid representative at Kingsborough.
Visit U201 or call at 1718-368-4644.

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