Developmental English Resources

English 91 and ESL 07, 09, and 91 are based on the belief that students gain fluency in and control over language by using it for meaningful communication and critical thinking.  For this reason, we believe that the processes of reading and writing cannot and should not be separated.  Throughout these courses, students discuss their ideas at length with one another in small- and whole-group discussions. They also read and write extensively and in a variety of genres.  Reading includes whole books (novels or nonfiction), essays, and articles from newspapers, magazines, or journals.  Students are asked to read for overall meaning as well as to do more closely focused reading of shorter texts or segments of longer texts. Students also produce writing in a variety of genres such as freewriting, informal reading journals, personal narratives, and reading-based analytical essays.  These courses advocate a process approach to essay writing and revising in which students work through a series of drafts aided by teacher-, tutor-, peer-, and self-response. As students work to improve their reading and writing, our pedagogy should encourage them to reflect on their own learning.  We want our students to understand that reading and writing are complex, recursive processes based on exploring and refining meaning. Formulaic approaches such as the 5-paragraph essay are strongly discouraged, as is the teaching of grammar out of the context of student writing and meaning making.

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