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A Joint Program by Kingsborough Community College and Brooklyn College in Biotechnology

 Funded by The National Science Foundation 

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Industry Partners 


“The biotech industry’s involvement is vital for providing students with the hands-on, relevant skills enhancement and industry awareness necessary to ensure the ongoing development of the life science workforce.”  Replicating Success: Innovative Collaborations Between the Biotech Industry and Education

Relationships with industry partners is a major feature of the “On Campus Discoveries” project.  In New York State, the biotechnology industry has been identified as one of the top ten fastest growing industries; 60% of the nation’s pharmaceutical industry is located in the immediate vicinity of New York City, Long Island and Westchester. New York City is home to the Audubon Biomedical Science and Tech Park and the SUNY Downstate Advanced Biotechnology Park. Long Island is home to two incubators and Science Parks.  The NYC Bioscience Initiative is a private public partnership with the Mayor’s office, the New York City Economic Development Corporation, and the city’s research institutions collaborating to attract life science companies to New York City,

Industry partners have assisted Kingsborough Community College to ensure that project initiatives remain current with the latest bioscience developments. Kingsborough biotechnology projects have received consultation from organizations such as the New York Biotechnology Association, the Biotechnology Institute, the New York State Foundation for Science, Technology and Innovation, the Science Desk of the NYC Mayor’s Office of Workforce and Economic Development, the New York City Economic Development Corporation and OSI Pharmaceuticals.  This input from leaders of local government and industry helps us to modify our curriculum according to industry standards and updates and provides students and teachers in our biotechnology programs with insights into real-world work environments

Industry partners make up the major constituents of our External Advisory Board, providing advice and the latest information on the needs and requirements of the local biotechnology industry. Our industry partners provide seminar speakers to inform faculty and students of the opportunities and latest trends in the local biotech industry, and related research applications. They can also provide internships and job placement opportunities for our students. Through its mutual interest in creating a highly qualified workforce, the External Advisory Board informs us of our successes as well as paths for improvement and change.

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