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KCC's Single Stop: Free Tax Prep & Legal Advice
By Ronni Hua

Advertising has expanded and managed to slip into every facet of campus life. —If you haven’t noticed them it’s because we have all learned to ignore them.

The Single Stop posters should not be ignored. The service it offers comes from humble beginnings, when Heidi Lopez, single stop coordinator, handed out flyers in the hallways and answer your financial questions.

Knicks Take A Great Loss
By Keshia Graham

Melo! Melo! Melo! The crowd chanted as the recently acquired New York Knicks 6’8” star forward Carmelo Anthony converted a spinning bucket in the shooting lane nailing a free throw shot.

The Knicks played against the Cleveland Cavaliers on March 4th suffering yet another loss against them for the season. Recent rumors of Anthony being traded to the New York Knicks from the Denver Nuggets proved to be true, with him finishing the game with 29 points.

Saving the Planet One Tiger at a Time
By Shaka Williams

What animal has captured the hearts and minds of society for generations? The tiger.

From art to advertising and as a symbol of untamed nature, tigers have brought wonder to the imagination of man.

Sadly, the tiger is on the verge of vanishing from the wild forever.

Guess which species is to take the lion’s share of the blame? If you guessed humans, then you are right.

Republican Club Hosts Anti-Abortion Panel
By Robin Frankel

License to Kill: The Abortion Scourge event drew an impressive audience of at least 100 people ranging in age from teen to senior citizen with views ranging along the entire political spectrum.

Despite its title the views of the majority of the speakers were that abortion should be legal for victims of incest or rape and for women whose pregnancy puts their life in danger.

The speakers’ messages concentrated on women and teenagers who had an unplanned pregnancy who did not want to raise a child.

Professionalism: the Key to Success
By Claudia Kassab

This past winter module, KCC welcomed Professor Lela Nargi to teach the Feature Writing and Media course. From the start Nargi made her expectations of the students known.


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