Student rights and responsibilities:

Student responsibilities:

Students are encouraged to understand that advising does not occur in a vacuum, but takes place within the framework of a student’s academic progress.  All students should seek and obtain academic advising on a regular basis throughout their academic careers.Therefore, it becomes the student’s responsibility to become an active participant in the advising process. 

To do this effectively, students are expected to: 

  Accept responsibility for their decisions and actions.
  Be open to developing and clarifying their personal values and goals.
  Become familiar with college rules and regulations as listed in the online college catalogand student handbook.
Schedule regular appointments during each semester.
  Be courteous and plan ahead (schedule appointments early and cancel or reschedule if necessary).
Be on time for their scheduled appointment.
  Come to appointments prepared with questions and/or topics to discuss.
  Keep a record of their academic progress and goals.
  Familiarize themselves with the academic calendar and be aware of important deadlines each semester.
  Seek help when needed and use appropriate campus resources.

Student rights:
 As a student you can expect your Advisor to:
  Understand Kingsborough’s general education and degree requirements to effectively communicate them to you.
  Keep information shared in the advising sessions confidential and only release such information to others with your expressed permission.
  Provide advisement in an environment that ensures caring, promotes respect, encourages fairness, values active participation and that recognizes strength in diversity.
  Provide resources, referrals and strategies for using available resources on campus.
  Encourage and support you as you gain skills and knowledge necessary for academic and personal success.
  Assist you in making appropriate course and major decisions.