Tools for Success: The Kingsborough Time Line

Office Hours:
D-124: 9am-5pm Mon-Thurs
Phone: 718-368-5744
Fax: 718-368-5554

Ensuring a successful academic career at Kingsborough has its foundation in the Student/Academic Advisement Professional connection. Through this connection, students can explore the college and vast opportunities available to them as they complete their second year. Maintaining this connection is extremely important and essential for developing ongoing academic progress through graduation. This is the mutual responsibility of student and Academic Advisement Professional.

0-15  Units (Credits): Students should make an appointment with the Academic Advisement Professional assigned to their respective major. Courses such as Student Development 10 or 11 may be helpful for students unsure about their career goals.

16-30 Units (Credits): Career Exploration should be an ongoing process. Students should make an appointment with their Academic Advisement Professional or a Center for Career Development and Experiential Learning counselor in C-102 to explore the requirements for attaining their career goals.

30-45 Units (Credits): Planning for post graduation life should be the focus. Students should keep their options open and have an alternative plan for their life after Kingsborough. Attending the Job Fair and open houses at senior colleges can help with this process.

45 Units (Credits) and Above:  Students should complete the graduation application, via CUNYFirst, prior to the specified deadline (refer to the KCC Academic Calendar), during the anticipated last semester. Students should also be very familiar with accessing and printing their Degree Audit for verification of anticipated completion. The Academic Advisement Professional will review degree requirements and verify the student’s degree designation to ensure compliance with both. Based on the intended career goals, students should be applying to senior colleges or seeking job opportunities. Resume workshops are available in C-102.