SD10 Course (Freshman Seminar)

SD 10 Mission Statement

Student Development (SD10) is a one credit Freshman Seminar Course. The course facilitates interactive learning for students, provides information and skills important for transition to and success in college. In order to provide students with an opportunity to develop personally, academically, and socially, the course is divided into several components which include: academic policies, career exploration, diversity, learning styles, and library skills. Students are encouraged to think critically as well as to develop an academic and life plan. The class promotes the development of a strong bond between the student and their instructor/advisor as well as with the college community.

What is SD10?

Student Development 10(SD10) is a one credit, twelve week course geared for freshmen students who are part of the Learning Communities program. SD10 is an extended orientation class that facilitates interactive learning. It provides information and skills to help students adjust well to college and helps prepare them to become successful in their academic and personal pursuits in life. It addresses some of the following core topics:


Useful link(s) Objectives
[1] Academic Policies In this session, students will acquire the knowledge relevant to understanding the academic policies set forth by the college by reviewing the KCC Student Handbook and become familiar with the consequences of not complying with college academic policies by reviewing the Academic Integrity Policy of the college.
[2] Learning Styles/ Study Skills
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In this session, students will become familiar with their individual learning styles to enhance classroom performance. Students will also acquire the knowledge of note-taking and study strategies helpful for becoming better learners.
[3] Library and Information Literacy In this session, students will acquire library skills preparation to succeed in upper level courses and acquire the tools and technological skills for utilizing the library and information resources.
[4] Career Planning
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In this session, students will be administered self assessment tools such as the Strong Interest Inventory Survey to help them explore their desired careers. Other exercises will be completed in class and as homework that aid in self discovery of career choices.
[5] Out of Class Experience In this session, students will engage in various activities outside of the classroom with peers, SD 10 instructors, and outside facilitators to increase their knowledge of self and of the social, physical and cultural environment at Kingsborough and beyond.
[6] Diversity
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In this session, students will learn to broaden their cross-cultural perspectives and learn to respect and consider the values and ethics of themselves and their peers. Focus will be on the encouragement of respect of cultural similarities and differences.
[7] Academic Advisement/Degree
In this session, students will be provided with effective CUNYfirst and Degree Works training so that they could register effectively for upper level courses, view grades, and generally monitor their own academic progress.