Congratulations on becoming a KCC student!

The Office of Freshman Services is very excited that you have decided to begin your college career here at Kingsborough Community College.

We realize that starting college can be a complicated process with confusing steps. It is our goal to see that you succeed and we are here to assist you in many ways as you begin your college education. We are sure that you will have questions about how to get started or what to do next, but rest assured that we are here to support you in your new journey. the Office of Freshman Services looks forward to assisting you through the pre-enrollment and enrollment process. 

Pre-Enrollment Checklist 

(Important steps that will help you prepare for your first semester)

  •  Testing

    Have you received your Test Letter? If not, you will be receiving information from Kingsborough’s Testing Office soon. It will include detailed information regarding the date, time and location of your CUNY Assessment Test. The exam tests your skills in Reading, Writing and Mathematics. Incoming students cannot register for classes without taking the CUNY Assessment Test first.

    An interactive on-line tutorial to help prepare you for the Writing component of this exam can be accessed at the following web address: click here.
    In addition, sample exams for all areas can be viewed at the following site: click here.

  •  Financial Aid

    Have you applied for Financial Aid?
     The first step is completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) on-line at 
    click here. If you need assistance or have questions, be sure to contact our Financial Aid Office (718-368-4644, Room U-201).

  •  Immunization Clearance

    Have you submitted your Immunization Records to the Office of Health Services?
     All incoming students must provide proof that they have received vaccinations against Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR) to our Health Services Office (718-368-5684, Room A-108). In addition, all incoming students must complete a Meningitis Response Form. Copies of these documents can be accessed on-line at: click here. 

  •  Proof of High School Graduation/GED Diploma

    Have you submitted your Official High School Transcript and Diploma, or your Official GED Diploma with scores? 
    All transcripts must be official (in a sealed, stamped envelope) and submitted to the Admissions Office, room V-102 as soon as possible. Please contact the office of Admissions at 718-368-5676 or stop by their office located in room V-102 for further information.
  •  Have you decided what you would like to study while you are here at Kingsborough Community College? Our school offers a large number of academic programs and majors. To check out the different programs available to you, check the following website:click here.
  •  Have you met with a Freshman Services staff member for a Pre-Enrollment visit? The best time to meet with our Advisors is after you’ve taken your Assessment Test. Our staff will review your admissions status, give you an update on missing paperwork, and schedule your advisement/registration appointment, where we will answer any questions you may have about your upcoming semester, and help you choose courses. We want to make sure you have all the information you need to get started at Kingsborough Community College!