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WAC Coordinators
Cheryl Hogue Smith
Writing Fellows Coordinator
Department of English
Office: C-114
Phone: 718-368-5270


Judith Cohen
Administrative Assistant
Office: E-309
Phone: 718-368-5591
The Assignment Lab

In L219
Telephone: 718-368-5405
In the Honors Program M377
Phone: 718-368-5365

Work with Faculty

Writing Fellows are paired with faculty seeking certification both during the winter, when the faculty member is taking our certification seminar, and during the spring when he or she is teaching the revised course for the first time. In both contexts, Fellows aim to support the development of a complete and adequate certification course portfolio which is due at the end of June.

During the winter, being a good partner involves dialogue around course design. Faculty post their response to readings, reflect on their teaching of a course, and share draft syllabus and assignment revisions. The Fellow functions as active listener, interlocutor, and consultant.

During the piloting phase in the Spring, Fellows become more active participants in their partners’ courses. They attend class every week and, with the help of the faculty member, devise ways to contribute to the success of the course. A Fellow might help facilitate group work, make short presentations, and mentor select students from the class. The Fellow partner meets regularly with the course instructor to look at student writing, consider issues that arise with individual students or assignments, and help manage the organization of writing samples for the final course portfolio. A weekly Fellows meeting is dedicated to discussion of assignments and student work.

In order to prepare for the collaborative work of the winter/spring, and learn about the college and its students, Fellows partner with one experienced WAC certified instructor in the Fall, attending class, discussing his or her writing intensive syllabus and assignments, and working with students from that section.

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