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WAC Coordinators
Cheryl Hogue Smith
Writing Fellows Coordinator
Department of English
Office: C-114
Phone: 718-368-5270

Jason VanOra
Writing Fellows Co-coordinator
Associate Professor
Dept. of Behavioral Sciences
Office: E108
Phone: 718-368-5196
Work with a Writing Fellow
In L219
Telephone: 718-368-5405
In the Honors Program M377
Phone: 718-368-5365

KCC WFs Job Description

At Kingsborough, your Writing Fellows’ work will happen during KCC’s two, 12-week semesters—fall (Sept-mid Dec) and spring (March-early June). Your primary task will be to become WAC certified at KCC. To do this, in fall you will participate in a weekly two-hour all-Fellows meeting that will provide training in WAC reading/writing principles and will allow you to discuss issues of significance in the teaching of your discipline. For certification, you will create a portfolio that showcases best WAC practices in a revised course of your choice (preferably one you have already taught). This is the same certification process that many KCC faculty undergo. Here are sample portfolios from past WAC Fellows.

To help you with the certification process, you will work closely with a faculty mentor who is already WAC-certified to see how he/she incorporates writing in his/her classes. Ideally, in fall this mentor will be someone in your field (or closely related to it), and in spring you will have the opportunity to work closely with another faculty member, possibly with faculty who teach in KCC’s nationally ranked Learning Communities Programs.

In addition to working with faculty mentors, you will also work as tutors in the Writing Center, where, for the bulk of your Writing Fellows’ hours, you will help community college students grapple with their thoughts as those thoughts are represented in writing. These students will range from the lowest-level developmental students to Honors students. Prior Fellows unequivocally state that their work in the Writing Center is the most rewarding part of our program.

We feel strongly that KCC students have a tremendous amount to offer CUNY graduate students who, in turn, have a tremendous amount to offer our community. But don’t take our word for it; instead, take the word of prior Writing Fellows at Kingsborough.

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