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WAC Coordinators
Gordon Young
Writing Intensive Coordinator
Chair of Communications
and Performing Arts
Office: E-309
Phone: 718-368-5591

Kate Garretson
Certification Coordinator
Department of English
Office: C-211
Phone: 718-368-5209

Cheryl Hogue Smith
Writing Fellows Coordinator
Department of English
Office: C-114
Phone: 718-368-5270

CUE Director

Reza Fakhari
Assistant Vice President for
Academic Affairs and Associate Provost
Office: M386
Phone: 718-368-5029


Judith Cohen
Administrative Assistant
Office: E-309
Phone: 718-368-5591
The Assignment Lab

In L219
Telephone: 718-368-5405
In the Honors Program M377
Phone: 718-368-5365

WAC Resources

There are a number of websites dedicated to Writing Across the Curriculum, primary among them, the WAC Clearinghouse hosted by Colorado State University:

At Kingsborough, we have an e-reserve site with a select group of articles available to all interested faculty. Some are introductory; some are more theoretical, exploring the relationship between writing and learning or writing and thinking; some are case studies of classroom practice. Please note a password is required to access e-reserve sites. You may obtain one from Judy Cohen at ext. 5591 or from The address of the e-reserve site is:

We recommend the following as introductory readings:

David Russell Writing Across the Curriculum in Historical Perspective

Janet Emig Writing as a Mode of Learning

Toby Fulwiler The Argument for Writing Across the Curriculum


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