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WAC Coordinators
Gloria Nicosia
Writing Intensive Coordinator
Chair of Communications
and Performing Arts
Office: E-309
Phone: 718-368-5591 

Kate Garretson
Certification Coordinator
Department of English
Office: C-211
Phone: 718-368-5209

Robert Cowan
Writing Fellows Coordinator
Associate Professor
Department of English
Office: M-393
Phone: 718-368-6616

CUE Director

Reza Fakhari
Assistant Vice President for
Academic Affairs and Associate Provost
Office: M386
Phone: 718-368-5029


Judith Cohen
Administrative Assistant
Office: E-309
Phone: 718-368-5591
The Assignment Lab

In L219
Telephone: 718-368-5405
In the Honors Program M377
Phone: 718-368-5365


The Board of Trustees resolution reproduced below was responsible for establishing a Writing Across the Curriculum Program at CUNY. Note the explanation of purpose: “to ensure that writing instruction is regarded as a common responsibility and that the development of writing proficiency becomes a focus of the entire undergraduate curriculum.” These are important goals of the KCC WAC Program.

CUNY Board of Trustees Resolution

January 25th, 1999


WHEREAS, the attainment of advanced writing ability represents the hallmark of a comprehensive college education and a skill that can only be developed through extensive writing practice that is promoted across all degree program requirements; therefore be it

RESOLVED, That henceforth each college intensify and expand its programmatic efforts to strengthen the teaching of writing in courses across the curriculum and that such efforts ensure that quality writing skills are fostered in all disciplinary areas; and be it further

RESOLVED, That the colleges’ commitment to Writing-Across-the-Curriculum requirements be supported by faculty development initiatives and by University Initiatives such as the CUNY Writing Fellows Program that will sponsor specially trained CUNY doctoral students who will assist in the delivery of intensive writing instruction; and be it further

RESOLVED, That a report on implementation plans be provided to the Committee on Academic Policy, Program, and Research at its May 1999 meeting, and that by September 1999, and periodically thereafter, each college provide the Chancellor’s Office with a report detailing their implementation of these initiatives.

EXPLANATION: A wide range of assessments and student performance indicators has established the need to enhance the opportunities for students to strengthen their writing skills. Such opportunities are especially important for students whose native language is not English and whose writing skills require further development.

This resolution serves to ensure that writing instruction is regarded as a common responsibility and that the development of writing proficiency becomes a focus of the entire undergraduate curriculum.

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