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Retiree Scholarship Fund

Funded by the Kingsborough Retirees and administered by the Retiree Group Committee, an annual scholarship is awarded in the spring to one or two current students, based on need, academic achievement and community involvement.

The scholarship is awarded to students who meet the following criteria:

  • Has a GPA of 3.0 and above based on 15-40 credits and has passed all parts of the CUNY skills assessment exam. 
  • Is currently enrolled as a full-time student and intends to graduate from KCC.
  • Has not received any other scholarship from KCC. 
  • Feels a deep appreciation for KCC and can express this in a well-written essay. 
  • Is actively involved in one or more of the college’s co-curricular activities.
  • Can demonstrate financial need.

We invite you to meet current and previous Retiree Scholarship Recipients:


2012 Retiree Scholarship Recipient

Mushfica Masud
Major: Media Technology

A media technology and management major, came from Bangladesh by way of England, in search of career opportunities that she was denied in her homeland. She has a deep and abiding love for the college that she credits the faculty and staff of the CUNY Start program who made her feel "at home" in Kingsborough. She has become a CUNY Start Ambassador and now conducts orientation tours for people interested in entering the college through this program. She also feels that the faculty who work with her in broadcasting are preparing her well for transfer to Brooklyn College.

2012 Retiree Scholarship Recipient

Seytervin Seytgaziyev
Major: Business

A business major, who came to the US from Ukraine three years ago and graduated from James Madison High School. He works all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday to help his family meet their financial needs. Despite his demanding work schedule, he has managed to maintain an active life at Kingsborough, participating in the Presidential Scholars Honors program, the Honors Club, the Resources for Educational and Employment Opportunities (REEO) program and the Model National United Nations program. He plans to transfer to Brooklyn College to complete his undergraduate degree

2011 Retiree Scholarship Recipient

Shakhlo Azizova
Major: Education

Is an international student from Uzbekistan. She came to the US alone and not speaking English. After two years in the Kingsborough English Language Immersion(KELI)program, she entered Kingsborough as an education major and has excelled in her coursework, earning a 3.70 GPA. She hopes one day to become an elementary school teacher.

2011 Retiree Scholarship Recipient

Eric Hensley
Major: Broadcast Technology

A broadcast technology major, did not have the opportunity to go to college when he graduated from high school. He had to go to work land 20 years later found himself without a job that disappeared due to economic downturn. He decided to take advantage of this unexpected turn of events and enrolled in college. To his great surprise, he found the professors, students and staff at Kingsborough very welcoming and supportive. He is very pleased with education he has received to date and truly enjoys working with the broadcast faculty.

Click here to download the biographies of each recipient.

2010 Retiree Scholarship Recipient

Esther Arden
Major: Biology / Occupational Therapy

Esther originally worked in the computer software industry in Bombay, India before immigrating to New York and starting a family.  After a series of personal setbacks, including the loss of her first child, Esther realized that she needed to return to school in order to improve her professional position and make her mark on the world.  The easy choice would have been pursuing an IT-related field, but Esther wanted to “leave an impact on people.”  The now-single mother of a special-needs child observed how beneficial occupational therapy had been for her son.  Her passion inspired her to enroll in Kingsborough where she is currently pursuing a Biology major with an Occupational Therapy Transfer Option before moving on to obtain a Masters in Occupational Therapy.  Grateful for her scholarship, Esther smiled and said, “Kingsborough offered me a new beginning.”

2010 Retiree Scholarship Recipient

Dmitri Bochman
Major: Nursing

Dmitri is an international student from Israel who is currently majoring in nursing.  He worked as a paramedic in Israel and as medicine has always been a part of his life, it felt natural for Dmitri to pursue a nursing major upon registering at Kingsborough.  Dmitri works part-time in the Honors Program to support himself while maintaining a 4.0 GPA and is on the Deans List.  He is also a member of Phi Theta Kappa, the two year Community College National Honors Society, that encourages and promotes the academic achievement of two-year college students.  He values his KCC experience where he has received the support of faculty and staff who have helped him cultivate skills and abilities he had not realized he possessed prior to coming to KCC.  Dmitri believes that his Kingsborough experience will better prepare him to meet and exceed his future professional goals in the medical world.

2009 Retiree Scholarship Recipient

Raquel Hudson
Major: Tourism & Hospitality

Racquel Hudson always loved traveling and working with people – which made Tourism and Hospitality the perfect field for her.  During her time as a KCC student, Racquel enjoyed participating in service projects at the college acting as a mentor to high school students in the Liberty Partnership Program, plus designing a prize-winning proposal to implement sustainability on campus.  She was also president of Phi Theta Kappa, the two year national honor society, and was keenly aware of how much the KCC Retiree Scholarship helped her.  She graduated in 2010 with honors and transferred to the Florida Institute of Technology where she is majoring in aeronautical management.

2009 Retiree Scholarship Recipient

Pyi Kyaw
Major: Business Administration

Pyi Kyaw, an international student, chose Kingsborough after finding through his research that it was one of the best community colleges for English as a Second Language.  After immigrating to the United States from Burma with his family, he began his life at the college working hard to improve his speaking and writing abilities.  Pyi was President of the College Discovery club, and it was at KCC that he delivered a speech in English for the first time.  The KCC Retiree Scholarship helped Pyi during difficult economic times, providing funds for tuition and books.  Pyi graduated in 2010 and transferred to Baruch College where he is majoring in International Marketing Management.

Click  here to download the biographies of each recipient.

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