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The Women's Center

The Center offers women and non-traditional students

The Center offers women a welcoming, supportive environment in which to explore educational, professional, and lifestyle issues. It is an ideal place to meet and network with other students who are also working towards a successful transition to college.

The centers hours are:
Monday - Friday 9:00A.M. - 5:00 P.M.

Room M382
Marine and Academic Center
(718) 368-4700

Frances Robinson, LMSW
Program Manager
Joan Oliveri
Administrative Assistant

What Is The Center For Women ?

The Center provides women a place to gather, socialize, network and examine the transitioning lifestyles that will allow them to develop to their fullest potential.

What activities does the Center support?

The Center co-sponsors (in association with departments, programs and clubs), lectures, workshops, seminars and peer support groups that include: sexual harassment, domestic violence, stress management, legal issues, assertiveness training and leadership skills, health & wellness, financial planning and budgeting, parenting, career counseling and mentoring. Support groups are formed in response to students’ needs and schedules.


  • Speakers and discussion groups on relevant topics of concern to women and non-traditional students
  • Special programs, projects, seminars and workshops
  • Lending library
  • Open house for all students each semester
  • Women’s support groups
  • Current events discussions, mid-life issues and single parenting
  • Individual personal and life transition counseling
  • Brochures and information relating to women’s issues
  • Information about women’s study courses and women’s issues

The Center offers and co-sponsors in association with departments, programs and clubs, lectures, workshops, seminars and support groups concerning the issures of women and non-traditional students.

  • Sexual Harassment
  • Domestic Violence
  • Stress and Time Management
  • Legal issues
  • Assertiveness and Leadership Training
  • Health and Wellness
  • Referrals for Financial Planning
  • Parenting
  • Career-related issues

The Center for Women offers support and services to those students who are encountering life transitions. Through our on-going services we encourage retention and academic success for women and non-traditional students by providing specialized support programs and referrals to community resources for identifiable populations including re-entry, low-income and special services. We help our students identify and foster an awareness of the possibilities for academic success and positive personal development.


The Women’s Center
Upcoming Events October 2014

*Women’s Support Group
Every Wednesday Beginning October 1st    
11:30-12:30    Room M382
*Immigrant Women Support Group
Friday’s From October 10th thru October 24th
11:00-12:30    Room M382
Discussions will focus on supporting one another and sharing resources available to immigrant women.

*Healthy Relationship Workshop
Tuesday, October 21st  
11:30-12:30   Room M239
This workshop will explore various forms of abusive relationships and provide information aimed at improving one’s ability to make healthier decisions when choosing a partner!

*Empowering Parents Workshop (Part 2)
Wednesday, October 22nd
11:30-12:30   Room M239
This workshop will focus on building self-esteem in your child, exploring free or
low cost community resources, universal Pre-K and more!

*Breast and Ovarian Cancer Awareness Workshop
Thursday, October 23rd
11:30-12:30   Room V219
In recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness: This workshop will focus on breast and ovarian cancer education, awareness and empowerment.

*For more information or to reserve space for your class contact the
Women’s Center/Room M382 or call 718-368-4700

I look forward to seeing you!


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