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College Academic Advancement Program

"Helping Students in Trouble Succeed"

Advanced Student Counseling Program and KCC Retention Program
Our office in D-102 houses two student service initiatives: The Advanced Student Counseling Program and the KCC Retention Program. Counselors in our cluster also teach SD 12 – Strategies for College Success.

College Academic Advancement Program
D -102
(718) 368-5975

Beth Lesen, Ph.D.

Geena Kuriakose
Full Time Counselor

Susan Kahn
Office Manager

Juliya Gutkovskaya
College Assistant

Linton Small
College Assistant

To make an appointment to see a Counselor, please come and visit us in
D -102 or call us at 718-368-5975.

The Advanced Student Counseling Program
During the 2003-2004 academic year, KCC decided to create an Advanced Student Counseling Program so that students who have earned 30+ credits could get the support and guidance they need to graduate successfully and on time. Counselors in D-102 assist advanced standing students with:

  • Short and long-term planning
  • Withdrawing from courses
  • Changing majors
  • Getting off of academic probation
  • CPE counseling
  • TAP eligibility questions
  • Dealing with problems at school or in personal life
  • And much more!

KCC Retention Program
Many KCC students encounter personal challenges during their time in college. Sometimes these challenges can have a negative impact on a student’s academic performance. When this happens, students should seek out a Retention Counselor in D-102 for guidance and support. We encourage students to use our services before their GPA’s fall below a 2.0 and they are placed on academic probation. Counselors are here to help students develop a plan of action for overcoming obstacles to raise their GPA’s so they can stay in school and earn their degrees. Here are some of the specific ways that Retention Counselors can assist students:

  • Academic planning
  • Dismissal appeals and reinstatement counseling
  • Transition counseling for readmitted students
  • Financial aid appeals
  • Study skills workshops
  • Early absence alerts
  • Course withdrawals
  • Advisement on WU and F-Incomplete grade appeals

SD 12 – Strategies for College Success
Strategies for College Success is a one-credit student development course that helps students to ‘get back on track’ academically. In SD 12, students learn to identify their personal strengths, along with the internal and external obstacles that may be preventing them from achieving their academic goals. The course provides a thorough overview KCC academic policies, procedures, and resources. Students are given opportunities to practice helpful study skills such as time management and effective test preparation strategies. All SD 12 students are required to meet with their instructor for an academic advisement session so that they can get personalized support. In SD 12, we focus on teaching students to use resources, develop goals, and to make better choices.


Jennifer Bennett Mondays and Thursdays
Mary Cahir Mondays and Thursdays
Len Mednick Mondays and Wednesdays
Joy Mutinda Tuesdays and Thursdays
Claire Nelson Friday
Laury Paul Tuesdays and Thursdays
Nancy Rosenbaum Tuesdays and Wednesdays
Daniel Ruckdeschel Mondays and Wednesdays
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