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How Do I Appeal the Loss of My Aid?

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For Loss of Federal Aid (Pell, College Work Study, SEOG, Perkins, Ford)

Satisfactory Academic Progress
In order to make satisfactory progress towards a degree, for purposes of receiving Title IV Federal student assistance, you must achieve at least the GPA required for probationary status at KCC; after two years of enrollment at the college, at least a "C" average or its equivalent, or academic standing consistent with the requirements for graduation. Cumulative credits toward the degree must meet following standards:

  • Attempted credits are not more than 150% of the credits normally required for completion of the degree, and...
  • Accumulated credits are equal to or greater than two-thirds the cumulative credits attempted at the institution.

You will be measured against the satisfactory academic progress standard at the end of the Spring term to determine eligibility for Title IV student financial assistance for the upcoming year.

If you fall beneath the conditional standard, you may appeal through the normal institutional academic appeals processes to retain eligibility for reinstatement of your Title IV Federal student assistance. The appeals are evaluated for extenuating circumstances resulting from events such as personal illness, injury, personal tragedy, changes in academic program, and the reasonableness of your capability for improvement to meet the appropriate standard for the degree program in which you are enrolled. Check with the Financial Aid Office, U-201 for details.

An approved appeal would result in the granting of up to a one-year probation period for you to improve your academic record to meet the appropriate standard for the degree program in which you are enrolled.

If your appeal has been denied or you have lost eligibility by not meeting the standard without appeal, you may regain eligibility by leaving Kingsborough Community College for at least one year. Upon readmission, you will receive assistance for the terms in the academic year of readmission and you will be subject to a review of your eligibility at the end of the Spring term using the appropriate standard for the degree program in which you are enrolled. If you choose to remain enrolled without the receipt of Title IV Federal student assistance, you may request a review of your academic record at the end of that term to determine whether the appropriate standards for the degree program in which you are enrolled have been met. Eligibility is regained for subsequent terms in the academic year.

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