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Satisfactory Academic Progress

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) is the term used to describe a student's successful completion of coursework toward a degree. To receive federal student aid, all students are required to maintain satisfactory academic progress (SAP.)

Below are the satisfactory academic progress requirements.  By meeting ALL the conditions below, students are maintaining satisfactory academic progress.


 Maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) 

Undergraduate students must maintain a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 (equivalent to a C average.)

For example, based on the SAP Chart, if a student attempted 77 total credits he/she must have at least a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 to meet this SAP requirement.


 Complete at least 67% of all attempted credits(PACE)

Students must complete 67% of credits attempted each semester to remain compliant with SAP policy.


For example a full time

For instance, based on the SAP Chart, if a student attempted 32 total credits he/she must at least successfully complete 8 credits to meet this SAP requirement.



Complete a degree program in a maximum time-frame of no more than 150% of the length of the program


The maximum allowable timeframe for receiving aid is equal to 150% of the published length of the academic program.  

For example, if a student is pursuing a degree which requires 60credits for graduation, then the student would reach the maximum timeframe at 90 credits attempted. Remedial courses (up to 30 credit hours) will not be counted towards the maximum timeframe.

Please refer to the SAP Chart.

Please note:

"Successful completion" is defined as having received grades of: "A," "B," "C," "D" or "P."

Grades of "F," "W, "WD", "WU," or "WN" count as attempted credits, however they do not count as successfully completed credits.  Grades of "F" and "WU" are included in the GPA.  Grades of "W", "WD" and "WN" are not counted towards the GPA.

INC - Incompletes (INC) are only counted as attempted credits. A student can make up the INC by the end of the following semester.  Once the INC changes to a grade, it will be considered as successfully completed and will be counted towards the GPA calculation.  If a student fails to complete the INC course by the end of the following semester, the INC will change to an F (FINC).  The F (FINC) affects the GPA and will not count as successfully completed. 

Remedial courses – A student will not receive federal student aid for any remedial hours above 30.  Remedial hours are not counted towards attempted credits, successfully completed credits, and the GPA.

Repeated courses - Generally repeated courses are counted towards credits attempted, credits completed, and the GPA.  Please reference the KBCC catalog for further information on repeated courses.

Transfer Credits - Transfer credits approved by Kingsborough Community College are counted towards attempted and successfully completed credits.  Transfer credits are not counted towards the GPA.


SAP on Forgiveness Policy

The Financial Aid Office does not consider the forgiveness policy when determining if students are maintaining Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP.)  The Financial Aid Office counts ALL attempted and completed credits since students' first semester at KBCC.  The total number of attempted and completed credits is used to determine if students are maintaining SAP.  In addition, students' cumulative grade point average (GPA) is used to determine if students are maintaining SAP.  The Financial Aid Office counts ALL courses and grades since students' first semester at KBCC when calculating the cumulative GPA.


A student who is readmitted to KBCC must be considered a matriculated (degree seeking) student to be eligible for federal student aid.  Readmitted students must meet all SAP requirements upon readmission to be considered for federal student aid. 


Time of Evaluation

At the end of each Academic Year, after the Spring Session's grades are finalized, the Financial Aid Office will evaluate all students to determine if they are meeting SAP requirements. Students who are meeting SAP will be eligible to receive federal student aid. Students who fail to meet SAP will not be eligible to receive federal student aid; such as the Pell grant.


Financial Aid Suspension

If a student fails to maintain SAP, the student will be placed on financial aid suspension for the following academic year and will remain on suspension until all SAP requirements are met.  The student will not be eligible to receive federal student aid, such as Pell grant.  However, the student may still be eligible for state aid, such as TAP.


Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal

In some cases, a student's failure to be in compliance with the SAP policy is due to events beyond the student's control.  If such events can be documented for the specific semester(s) when the SAP standards were not met, the student may appeal their suspension.  The student must submit a SAP Appeal form with supporting documentation to the Financial Aid Office. 

The SAP Appeal must be based on extenuating circumstances that affected their academic performance.  Examples of possible extenuating circumstances are:

·         Serious illness

·         Severe injury

·         Death of a family member

·         Other similar situations

 Additionally, an appeal will only be approved if is determined that the student can meet SAP requirements by the end of the academic year for which the appeal is being submitted.


Attention Readmits: The SAP appeal is different from the appeal used for readmission.  Usually a student who readmits in poor academic standing and had to file an appeal, will also need to file a SAP Appeal.

**IMPORTANT:  Submission of the SAP appeal neither guarantees an adjustment to a student's award nor prevents the accrual of late fees of any unpaid student account balances.  Students are responsible for their tuition and any late fees they may receive regardless of their appeal.


1. Submit the SAP appeal and copies of all supporting documents to the Financial Aid Office (U201).  Failure to submit copies of supporting documentation may result in a denial of your request.

2. The SAP appeal will be reviewed by a Committee.  Please allow at least 15 business days for the Committee to review the SAP appeal. 


3. An email will be sent to students notifying them of the decision. 

4. If the SAP appeal is conditionally approved, students must meet with a Financial Aid Counselor to make an academic plan.  An academic plan assists students in meeting SAP requirements.  Once on an academic plan, the SAP appeal will be approved.  Students are then eligible to receive federal student aid provided that they meet all the terms and conditions of their academic plan.    

If the SAP appeal is denied, students will be not eligible for federal student aid, such as Pell grant.  Students will need to seek alternative financial resources. 

 Tips to Maintaining Satisfactory Academic Progress 

·         Meet with your Academic Advisor

o   Ensure you are taking the correct classes for your degree. 

·         Check with your professors early  

o   Speak with your professors early in the semester to know your progress.  The earlier you know your status, the more time you have to improve if needed.

·         Utilize your resources

Below are suggestions and a few on-campus resources.  Please contact the departments directly for information on services and hours of operation.  For a list of additional resources please visit the KBCC resource page.


o   Academic Resources:

§  Professors' Office Hours

§  Peers, Study Groups

§        Academic Advisors (M-201)

§        Academic Advisors for Evening Students (M-101)

§  Access- Ability Services (D-205)

·         accommodations for those with disabilities 

§  Tutoring

·         Reading & Writing Center (L-219)

·         Math Skills Lab (F-206)

·         Tutorial Services (L-605)


o Personal & Social Resources:

§  Counseling Services (D-102)

§  Women Center (M-382)

§  Men's Resource Institute (U-218)



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