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Tutorial Services FAQ


Institute of Tutorial Services

Read This First

  1. HOW MUCH TUTORING CAN A STUDENT RECEIVE? A student may be tutored one or two hours a week per course. He/she may be tutored in two courses each semester

  2. DURING WHAT HOURS DOES A STUDENT GET TUTORED? We arrange tutoring during a student's free hours. Therefore, be careful and accurate when you fill out your schedule. Once a tutoring assignment is made, it cannot be changed.

  3. WILL I BE TUTORED ALONE? No. Most tutoring sessions are composed of several students who have the same instructor.

  4. WHO ARE THE TUTORS? The tutors are students from Kingsborough and other colleges who received an A grade in the course they are tutoring. They are not teachers.

  5. WHAT DOES THE TUTOR DO? The tutor's responsibility is to help you, not teach you. For that reason, all homework and assigned reading must be done before the tutoring session. During the tutoring session, your tutor will help you with the material you didn't understand.

  6. WHAT IS THE ATTENDANCE POLICY? Attendance is mandatory. If you miss your first appointment, or are absent twice in a row or three times random, you will be dropped from tutoring and not reinstated. (The only exception is medically documented absence.)

  7. WHAT SHOULD I DO IF I EXPECT TO MISS A TUTORING SESSION? Call the office at (718) 368 - 5118. Most tutors are students and can use their time to study. Calling does not excuse an absence.

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