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Campus Sustainability - 10 Year Plan

Plan Summary

KCC's Sustainability Plan is a high priority project for our college with many segments of our population contributing to its success. As a result, our plan is constantly evolving.

Highlights include:

In April 2010, KCC hosted the Fifth Annual Eco-festival on campus. The festival was held over a four-day period and educated more than 1,200 students, faculty, and staff on environmental issues and sustainable environments. Additionally the festival aimed to raise ecological literacy, foster civic and global citizenship as well as promote grassroots environmental action steps and stewardship.

To conserve water in 2009-10, KCC converted old plumbing fixtures in many buildings including the Leon M. Goldstein Performing Art Center, and the T buildings. Additionally, our Buildings and Grounds Office established an immediate response program for any water leaks reported on campus.

KCC's Maritime Technology Program established a "Green Boat Program" that uses recycled cooking oil and trains students. The boat is used on the weekends by volunteer high school students to clean Jamaica Bay of garbage.

The college collaborated with the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation to plant 200 trees on our 70 acres campus.

Our cafeteria has made significant changes by eliminating all styrofoam service ware. In addition, we are scheduled to implement a bottle deposit/bottle return program for all recyclable beverage bottles sold in the cafeteria beginning with the Fall 2010 semester.

Our food service company, Panda House, is also preparing, at our request, a recipe file for all hot entrees prepared for sale in the cafeteria. This file will establish a base for the amount of salt and fats being used in recipes. In turn, it will assist KCC in setting goals for healthier diets.

Between 2009 and 2017, KCC plans to double the amount of collected recyclable paper, plastic, metal, and glass. By expanding our participation in a recycling program, KCC expects to save approximately 1,200 trees each year, 592 cu. ft. of landfill and 518,000 gallons of water.

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