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Campus Sustainability - 10 Year Plan

Sustainable Nutrition

Short-Term Goals (enacted since June 2007 or to be completed by end of 2009)

Goal - N1 Enhance cafeteria services through updated equipment, facilities and inspections ACHIEVED
Timeline 2007 - 2010
Actions to be taken • Purchase an energy efficient pizza oven and pot washer for campus main cafeteria kitchen
• Increase frequency of inspections to improve cleanliness
• Create a satellite food service station in the T-8 Building
• Introduce a water filtration system to campus to eliminate plastic bottles on campus and offer students free, cold, filtered water.
Goal N2 Improve food service vendor's methods of purchasing and preparing foods
Timeline 2007-2012 - Ongoing
Actions to be taken • Eliminate saturated and trans fats from food preparation and vending machine offerings
• Reduce the amount of sodium and sugar used in cafeteria prepared foods
• Introduce locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables on campus
• Include real fruit juice as a selection in all cold beverage vending machines.
• Diversify and increase the kosher and hallal food offerings in the cafeteria's "Grab N Go" refrigerated showcase.
• Add prepackaged salads to "Grab N Go" showcase.
• Add two rows of healthy snack choices to each vending machine
• Add specialty breads including whole grain breads to cafeteria's sandwich station
• To eliminate waste and better serve our student population, our food service vendor will offer remaining cafeteria hot food trays to students for free between the hours of 7 and 8 p.m. Monday through Thursday during each 12-week semester.
Intermediate Goals (1-5 years)
Goal N3 Reduce and/or eliminate environmentally unfriendly service ware. ONGOING
Timeline 2007 - 2012
Actions to be taken • Eliminate all styrofoam products from cafeteria - ACHIEVED
• Explore the possibility of replacing plastic service ware with new cardboard service items which are recyclable.
Goal - N4 Research available grants for the establishment of a college garden, on-campus green market and additional student staff/education
Timeline 2010 - 2012
Actions to be taken • Research available grant options
• Propose grant opportunities to College Food Service
• Determine appropriate paths for KCC
• Create desired plan, if grant is awarded, including needed resources
• Write and apply for grant.
Goal - N5 Require Food Service to establish a recipe file for college to retain on file. Ensure recipes are healthy.
Timeline 2010-2012
Actions to be taken • Develop format for food service to submit information
• Request recipe files for each station in main cafeteria
• Set deadline
• Communicate with food service
• Upon receipt of information, present file to college food service committee to identify culinary expert who is most qualified to review recipes and determine if food service is meeting low salt and sugar diets and if some recipes qualify as Heart Healthy Cuisine.
Goal N6 Better serve the College Community by increasing our knowledge and offerings of sustainable food by utilizing the services of a specialist
Timeline 2010-2012
Actions to be taken • Use specialists in the preparation and purchase of sustainably nutritional foods
• Increase the number of healthy choice/organic snacks in cafeteria and vending machines that are reasonably priced.
• Increase the number of vegetarian selections in the cafeteria.
• Change the existing salad bar from a self-service salad bar to a hosted salad bar
• Explore the possibility of having a yogurt bar open during warm weather months in the afternoon hours of operation.
• Increase the variety of kosher and hallal foods.
• Increase the number of steamed, poached and roasted dishes sold in the cafeteria.
• Student Group to research the interest of the college community in having an on-campus green market. Surveys will be distributed during Fall semester 2010.
• Talk with Community Board No. 15 to determine community interest in campus green market.
Long-Term Goals (5-10 years)
Goal N7 Improve cafeteria and campus services as related to Sustainability
Timeline 2010 - 2017
Actions to be taken • Research the methods used, cost commitment and work involved to compost on campus.
• Reduce salt usage
• Sell more "real" juice in cafeteria
• Research "Grab N' Go" Refrigerated items that contain less preservatives.
• Reduce the use of plastic bags in the cafeteria
• Dedicate a portion of our campus (approximately 1/2 acre) to organic farming with student volunteers, educated and directed by college and/or off-site experts (foods/herbs to be used in the cafeteria and by our student catering groups)

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