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Campus Sustainability - 10 Year Plan

Campus Description and Scope

Kingsborough Community College is located in Manhattan Beach, on the southern tip of Brooklyn, New York   The College building area is 1,294,021 square feet (gross) and 813,276 square feet (net).  There are 20 buildings on campus with a relative age of 40 years for our temporary structures and 35 years for the main buildings with the exception of our Marine and Academic Center, which was opened in 1991 and our Academic Village which opened in 2002.

The campus is located on a 70-acre peninsula (3,036,348 square feet) in the Manhattan Beach section of Brooklyn.  Approximately 55% of the total acreage is landscaped and 25% of the site is paved.  The footprint of the various buildings occupies about 20% of the site. The campus also contains a 10,000 square foot marina and a 2-acre (90,000 square foot) beach.  The Leon M. Goldstein High School for the Sciences, owned by the NYC Department of Education, is also located on the campus grounds.

Typically, the permanent buildings are steel framed, with metal stud and gypsum wall board interior walls, reinforced concrete floors, with face brick and concrete block exterior cavity walls. Construction, which predates the NYS Energy Code, is devoid of exterior wall insulation.  The buildings range from 1 to 8 stories in height.

The temporary buildings are typically steel framed, with metal stud and gypsum wall board interior walls, with insulated exterior corrugated metal panel walls.  These buildings range from 1 to 2 stories in height.

There are 27 parking lots throughout the campus with 1,355 parking stalls (52 of which are reserved for the handicapped).  An off-site parking area near the campus offers the College an additional 1,006 parking spaces during the Fall, Winter and Spring Semesters.

Founded in 1963, the College serves approximately forty thousand students per year, offering a wide range of credit and non-credit courses in the liberal arts, career education, as well as a number of specialized programs.

KCC serves a widely diverse student population and ranks among the top community colleges in the country in associate degrees awarded to minority students.

Surrounded by water on three sides (the Atlantic Ocean, Jamaica Bay, and Sheepshead Bay), Kingsborough enjoys a natural setting which adds to our unique characteristics as a CUNY Community College.  Some of our unique physical characteristics include:

  • A College Marina that is the home of the college's Maritime Technology Program.
  • Two gymnasiums and an indoor pool.
  • The 743-seat Leon M. Goldstein Performing Arts Center and the 298-seat Playhouse.
  • A 1,600 square foot Art Gallery.
  • An Aquarium.
  • The Marine and Academic Center includes The Rotunda which is a 12,000 square foot      conference/event facility, numerous classrooms, computer labs.
  • The Robert J. Kibbee Library and Media Center, contains over 150,000 items.
  • Eighteen general purpose instructional computer labs with more than 500 work stations and approximately 200 computer work stations in specialized instructional facilities
  • A computerized testing facility with more than 150 stations.
  • The Leon M. Goldstein High School for Sciences and Math which is New York City  Department of Education High School with a capacity to educate 800 students per semester.
  • An Urban Farm that is an organic, year-round food production site


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