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Campus Sustainability - 10 Year Plan

Action Plan by Pillar Area

Energy Goals

E1 - Reduce Computer Electricity Consumption

E2 - Apply Window Film to U112 - Faculty & Staff Dining Room

E3 - Make modifications to conserve energy in HVAC System and Lighting in T-2 and T-4 Buildings 

E4 - Upgrade Window AC Units to Energy Star Rated Units

E5 - Consolidate servers/systems

E6 - Reduce energy usage

E7 - Design and Install New Central Plant for Heating and Air Conditioning

E8 - Install Photocell Lighting Controls in all corridors with windows


Water Goals

W1 - Renovate Restrooms in the Leon M. Goldstein Performing Arts Center to conserve water

W2 - Develop Immediate Response Program to Reported Water Leaks and as a result update College Facilities to Enhance KCC's Water Savings

W3 -  Renovate T 2-& T-4-Building Bathrooms and T-4 laboratory to conserve water


Transportation Goals

T1 - Increase free, continuous, yellow bus service during peak class hours between two key

Metropolitan Transit Authority subway stations and campus.

T2 - Increase the number of students/staff/faculty who use bicycles to travel to and within

KCC campus

T3 - Increase fleet use of clean & alternative fuels

T4 - Replace 60% of existing fleet with clean fuel technology vehicles

T5 - Explore the possibility of purchasing hybrid buses and/or electric shuttle buses to

replace school buses used to shuttle students to local subway stations.  If feasible, proceed with purchase.


Recycling Goals

R1 - Install paper, plastic, can and battery recycling points throughout campus

R2 - Recycle vegetable oil in the Green Boat

R3 - Recycle an estimated one ton of plastics and cans

R4 - Recycle an estimated 20 tons of cardboard

R5 - Recycle an estimated 32 tons of paper

R6 - Recycle an estimated one half ton of batteries

R7-  Require College Food Service to Implement the New York State Bottled Beverage Recycling Bill


Procurement Goals

P1 - 100% conversion of computer screens from CRTs to LCDs

P2 - Convert College Paper Supply to 30% recycled content paper for copy and print

P3 - Manage purchase orders by using EPS system online

P4 - Revamp printing methods to possibly use 100% recyclable paper, limiting

        single sided printing and relocate some public printing stations

P5 - Enhance internal purchasing practices with environmentally preferred practices

P6 - Purchase green products


Sustainable Nutrition Goals

N1 - Enhance cafeteria services through updated equipment, facilities and inspections

N2 - Improve food service vendor's methods of purchasing and preparing foods

N3 - Reduce and/or eliminate environmentally unfriendly service ware

N4 - Research available grants for the establishment of a college garden, on-campus green market,

and additional student/staff education

N5 - Require food service to establish a recipe file for college to retain on file.  Ensure recipes are


N6  - Better serve the College Community by increasing our knowledge and offerings of sustainable

food by utilizing the services of a specialist.

N7 - Improve cafeteria and campus services as related to sustainability.


Sustainability Outreach and Education Goals

SE&O 1 - Survey and educate College Community on Sustainable Nutrition

SE&O 2 - Involve NYC Department of Education students in Sustainability Efforts through

Campus Leadership Programs.

SE&O 3 - Introduce and reinforce the important message of Sustainability to all incoming

students and current students

SE&O 4 - Inform faculty and staff of on-campus available sustainability opportunities and information

SE&O 5 - Communicate with our student population by utilizing technology to follow good

sustainability practices

SE&O 6 - Establish KBCC website on sustainability featuring Ecofest

SE&O 7 - Integrate Sustainability Theme Into Curriculum

SE&O 8 - Create Service learning experiences for students on the Green Boat

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