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Campus Sustainability - 10 Year Plan


Short-Term Goals
(enacted since June 2007 or to be completed by end of 2009)
Goal T1 Increase free continuous yellow bus service during peak class hours between three key Metropolitan Transit Authority subway stations and campus --- ACHIEVED
Timeline 2007-2009
Goal Summary Objective: Add two additional yellow school buses to provide easy, faster access for students/faculty and staff using the MTA Subway system to travel to campus.
Actions to be taken  • Establish free yellow bus routes to and fro campus from the Brighton Beach Subway Station, Sheepshead Bay Subway Station and Coney Island Subway Station.
• Buses will drop riders off on campus at the Shimoda Traffic Circle
• Riders must show identification to be permitted on bus.
• Display information messages on college reader boards informing student of shuttle service.
Intermediate Goals (1-5 years) (2010 -2012)
Goal T2 Increase the number of students/staff/faculty who use bicycles to travel to and within the KCC campus
Timeline Mar 2009 – Mar 2011
Goal Summary Objective: Encourage the use of bicycles as a means of getting to campus and to various building locations by installing bike racks and like equipment to accommodate cyclists.
Metrics for success Increase the number of people using bikes as a means of transportation traveling to and fro campus as well as on campus
Baseline: Existing number of bike racks on campus is 27 which accommodate 87 bikes
Implementing Agents: NYC Department of Transportation; New York Police Department, and KCC
Actions to be taken • Promote bicycle usage as an option to new students faculty/staff members via open houses/seminars/web site.
• Distribution of literature regarding traveling via clean air options.
• Add 5 bike racks on campus which will increase the total number of bike slots to 107
• In accordance with NYC DOT, design on-campus bike lanes that will enable bicyclists to travel safely throughout campus.
• Work with NYPD to offer bicyclist the opportunity to have bikes etched with a security code for additional protection of their bikes.
• Public Safety Officer will perform exterior patrols by augmenting the current vehicle patrol with bicycle patrols.
Long-Term Goals (5-10 years) (2012-2017)
Goal T3 Increase fleet use of clean and alternative fuels - ONGOING
Timeline 2009 - 2017
Goal Summary Objective: Reduce the campus’ mobile source GHG emissions by increasing the amount of clean & alternative fuels used by campus fleet
Implementing Agents: Fleet Manager / Task Force Fleet Committee
Actions to be taken  • Assess current fuel usages and determine how much alternative fuel will be needed to meet target
• Determine which vehicles are best suited to adopt alternative fuels
• Determine availability of alternative fuels
• Determine if engine retrofits are required to adopt the use of certain alternative fuels
Goal T4 Replace 60% of existing fleet with clean fuel technology vehicles
Timeline By 2017
Goal Summary Objective: Reduce the campus’ mobile source GHG emissions by replacing 60% of the current vehicle fleet with clean fuel technology vehicles by 2017
Costs & Funding: Conduct cost-benefit analysis and secure funding
Implementing Agents: Fleet Manager / Task Force Fleet Committee
Actions to be taken • Survey existing fleet and determine timeline for phased replacement of identified vehicles
• Survey and monitor marketplace for alternative technology vehicles, including biofuel vehicles, hybrid fuel-electric vehicles and plug-in electric vehicles
• Consult Task Force Fleet Committee as needed
• Determine purchase and maintenance costs of selected vehicles
• Conduct cost-benefit analysis for each replacement and secure funding
• Address logistics of fuel supply and vehicle recharge
• Monitor changes in fuel consumption levels
• Monitor maintenance costs of new vehicles
• Purchase segways for interior and exterior patrol to reduce the need for automobiles to conduct exterior patrols.
• Increase Public Safety's Bike Patrol Program to reduce the need for automobiles to conduct exterior patrols.
• Continue to properly maintain current fleet operation to enable our vehicles to run efficiently.
Goal T5 Explore the possibility of purchasing hybrid buses and/or electric shuttle buses to replace existing school buses used to shuttle students to local subway stations, and if feasible, proceed with purchase.
Timeline 2010 - 2017
Goal Summary Objective: To promote clearer air, and improve the safety of passengers
Actions to be taken • Research the marketplace for hybrid buses
• Establish specifications needed for vehicles
• Determine feasibility of owned vs. leased vehicles
• Research the possibility of piggybacking purchase off a large purchase by another city agency.
• Explore the possibility of purchasing vehicles through requirement contracts
• Secure funds
• Initiate paperwork to establish a bid
• Award bid within same fiscal year

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