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The Review Committee on Reappointment and Tenure
3rd, 5th, 7th, (Fall 2014); 1st Year (Spring 2015)
Professor Gloria Nicosia, Chairperson
Professor John Descarfino
Professor Beth King
Professor Valerie Gill
Professor Roberta Pike

The Review Committee on Reappointment and Tenure
Tenure, 4th, 6th Year (Fall 2014); 2nd Year (Spring 2015)
Professor Susan Farrell, Chairperson
Professor Donald Hume
Professor Steven Skinner
Professor Joseph Felser
Professor Frank Percaccio

The Review Committee on Fellowship Leave
Professor Eileen Ferretti, Chairperson
Professor John Mikalopas
Professor Angela Toscano
Professor Samuel Taitt
Professor Kristin Polizzotto

The Committee on Equivalencies and Waivers
Professor Anthony Borgese, Chairperson
Professor Bridget Weeks
Professor Scott Cally
Professor Jose Nanin
Professor Ayalur Krishnan

The Review Committee on Reclassifications and CLT Series
Professor Loretta Brancaccio-Taras, Chairperson
Professor Alfonso Garcia-Osuna
Professor Carmel Ficorelli
Professor Homar Barcena
Professor Florence Schneider

The Review Committee on Advancement to Associate Professor
Professor Michael Barnhart, Chairperson
Professor Rina Yarmish
Professor Gordon Young
Professor Amy Haas
Professor Frantz Leconte

The Review Committee on Advancement to Professor
Professor Jeffrey Lax, Chairperson
Professor Loretta Brancaccio-Taras
Professor Caterina Pierre
Professor Silvea Thomas
Professor Hanying Xu

Sub-Committee on Appeals
Provost Stuart Suss, Chairperson
Professor Eileen Ferretti
Professor Josephine Murphy
Professor Anthony Borgese

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