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Presidential Grants Fellows Program--Past Recipients

A priority of Kingsborough Community College is to encourage faculty research and student support program development through grant funding.  To help meet this goal, the college launched a new program designed to encourage the submission of competitive grant proposals in all academic and student support departments.  The Presidential Grant Fellows Program provides training, one-on-one guidance, and monetary support to selected faculty and staff members. 
Two fellows were selected in 2010 and 2011.

2010 Fellows

Heidi Lopez, Single Stop
Since opening its doors in February 2009, Single Stop has provided services including financial counseling, public benefits screenings, and tax preparation to hundreds of Kingsborough students.  At its helm, Heidi Lopez has identified student challenges in obtaining benefits, and is proposing an on-campus Single Stop internship program for students who receive public assistance.  As Single Stop interns, these students will act as recruiters and advocates, encouraging participation in the program and assisting them with accessing benefits.  This program, if funded, would expand the capacity of Single Stop and provide students with valuable work experience.

Associate Professor Nataniel Greene, Mathematics and Computer Science

Professor Greene has been focusing on the topic of reconstructing piecewise smooth functions since defending his Ph.D. at Stony Brook.  His proposed research attempts to address the Gibbs phenomenon, an issue in piecewise smooth functions, with new methods involving wavelets.  The resolution of the Gibbs phenomenon has scientific applications in numerical analysis and in signal and image processing.  Analysts and engineers would be able to improve the accuracy of approximations they obtain using the methods he is developing.  Previous support for Professor Greene’s work includes release time and grant support through PSC-CUNY.  He hopes to expand his funding base and further his research using the skills he learns as a Fellow.

2011 Fellows

Faith Fogelman, TRIO Student Support Services
Ms. Fogelman is proposing a program to improve the academic performance of TRIO students, students with documented disabilities, and veterans.   Called Program for Academic Skills for Students (PASS), this program would address root causes of academic challenges by providing English and Math workshops for students who have not passed one or more placement exam.  As proposed, PASS would be offered four times per year and serve fifteen students per offering.  These workshops would be in addition to any developmental work the student is doing as part of his or her course load.
The goal of PASS is “to improve skills, abilities, and proficiencies in English and Math as measured by grades and scores on project assignments.”  PASS aims to develop skills that are applicable across disciplines to improve overall student performance.

Associate Professor Caterina Pierre, Department of Art

Art professor Caterina Pierre has studied the work and reputation of the artist Marcello.  Dr. Pierre proposes to deepen this research and intends to prepare grant proposals to several national and international sources to support this project.  Dr. Pierre plans to research the reception Marcello’s work received in England and France.

A Presidential Grants Fellows Competition will not be held in spring 2012.

Application materials for the 2011 competition may be seen  here.

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