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Welcome to the fall semester.

President Peter Cohen

If you're a new student, we have something in common – I also have a new role in life, having just assumed the position of interim president following the recent retirement of President Farley Herzek.

As a member of the Kingsborough community for 30 years, I applaud you for choosing Kingsborough. We take pride in the many support programs in place to address issues of access and equity and enhance student success, including Freshman Services, Career Development, and the Single Stop office. Make use of all student resources while you're here.

In addition to being supported by dedicated staff, you'll be studying with faculty who are among the best in their field, including NASA researchers, top chefs, and behavioral scientists active in the field.

As much as we love having you as a student, it's important that you stay on track and graduate within 2 years. In order to do that, we encourage you to complete at least 15 credits in your major each semester. Every semester you delay costs you money in tuition – and means time lost earning money in the workforce. For tips on how to graduate on time, visit the "15 to Finish" webpage.

I congratulate our continuing students for their grit and determination. You're getting closer to the finishing line every day! Now is the time for you to start thinking about applying for graduation, where you'd like to transfer, or what field you'd like to work in. As you've learned via your student email, we have revamped academic advisement for continuing students. Your advisor will now be determined by your major. Check your CUNYfirst account for your advisor's name.

College is the time for exploration. I encourage all of you to step out of your comfort zone: Try new things. Join a club. Take an elective class in a subject in which you know nothing about. Start a conversation with a new classmate. Reinvent yourself.

And don't be a passive learner: Ask for help during your professor's posted office hours or at our tutoring center – or become a mentor, yourself.

Your future is in your hands. It's up to you to make the most of it.

Wishing you a successful, thought-provoking semester,
Peter M. Cohen, M.S.W.
Interim President, Kingsborough Community College                  

Click here to read Interim President Cohen's bio.


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