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Hello and welcome to Kingsborough.

President Suss

Take a day cruise, dine out in a restaurant, check into a hotel, turn on the TV or radio, and you are likely to encounter a Kingsborough Community College graduate working in the hospitality or broadcast industries. Get sick or take a tumble, and there’s a good chance that Kingsborough alumni will rush to your rescue, as emergency medical technicians (EMTs), nurses, hospital workers, police, and firefighters.

If you’d been one of the 155 passengers and crew on board US Airways Flight 1549, which crashed into the Hudson River in January of 2009 after flying through a flock of geese, chances are your life was saved by one of the three Kingsborough alumni — members of the New York Police Department’s Harbor Unit — who participated in the rescue. (Or perhaps you listened as another KCC graduate covered the remarkable event for CNN Radio.)

For years community colleges have provided quality higher education at a reasonable cost, served as an economic stimulus to their community, and created pathways to a better life for thousands of students – and Kingsborough has been among the best of them. 

This year, as we get ready to mark our 50th anniversary, the Aspen Institute College Excellence Program identified Kingsborough as one of the top ten community colleges in the nation.  One of the qualities of our college that impressed the Institute was the number of our students who transfer to four-year programs: Typically, over 70% of Kingsborough graduates continue their education at a four-year college.

Many of these graduates always had their sights set on a bachelor’s degree – or even beyond. They chose Kingsborough because of its reputation, its programs, its supportive environment, its sensitivity to their need to balance work, family and their education, its proximity, and because it was an affordable alternative to the spiraling costs of many institutions of higher education.
Whether you are a current or prospective student, professor, staff member, graduate, parent, neighbor, or visitor, your interest and enthusiasm are valued and appreciated.
Thank you for taking the time to explore our site.
Dr. Stuart Suss
Interim President

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