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Where Can I Find My Counselor?

Comprehensive counseling and guidance services are available to all currently enrolled and prospective students. These include personal issues; issues of adjustment; health-related issues; transfer guidance; general advisement matters, such as TAP eligibility, CPE; difficulties with learning; disability accommodations; selection of major; jobs placement; career guidance; language and culture; and many others.

Use the following guide to determine where to find your counselor: 


Less than 30 credits completed
(excludes Special Programs*)
The Freshman Year Experience Office

30 credits or more completed
(excludes Special Programs*)
As well as, the following services:

Personal Counseling(moved from V103)
ESL Counseling (moved from E102)
Counseling Resource Center

Room D-102 Phone:718-368-5975

*Special Programs: See your program director for the names of your assigned Counselor

Health Careers and Retention Center
Room M-101 Phone:718-368-4911

College Discovery/Bilingual Studies
Prof. Diego Colon

Opening Doors Learning Communities

Room E-102 Phone:718-368-4903

Ms. Zuleika Rodriguez
Ms. Susan Richards
Ms. Marie Caty
Ms. Sara Ali
Ms. Sally Ricottone
Mr. Michael Dunbar

Special Services
Prof. Anthony Colarossi

New Start Program
Brian Mitra
Director of Career Services
C-102 Phone:718-368-5115

Evening Sessions

All Students

Evening Advisement Office  

Monday - Thursday
5pm - 9 pm

9 am - 12 noon 


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