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Completely free tax preparation, even if you E-File!  Tax Prep takes place during the tax season from late January until April 15th. The tax room is located in V201, Monday - Thursday, between 10AM and 8PM.  Walk-ins are welcome and Saturday appointments are also available.  Also, Single Stop now offers Virtual Tax. What is virtual tax? The tax preparer is not in the same location as you and uses the tax information you provide. The information is transferred through a secure web site to the preparation site. The certified Professional will prepare the return remotely based on the information provided by you and sent by the intake site. This process will allow you to drop off your tax information and continue with your daily activities while your tax return is being prepared. We've encountered A LOT of tax related questions. Feel free to drop by V231 during the tax preparations days and times and the certified tax preparers would be happy to answer your questions. 


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