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Safe Zone Allies (123 and counting!)

We are members of many academic departments within Kingsborough Community College.

We are also Student Leaders. 

We signed this pledge:

As an Ally, I understand that “it is the policy of The City University of New York and the constituent colleges and units of The University to recruit, employ, retain, promote, and provide benefits to employees and to admit and provide services for students without regard to race, color, creed, national origin, ethnicity, ancestry, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, legally registered domestic partnership status, disability, predisposing genetic characteristics, alienage, citizenship, military or veteran status, or status as a victim of domestic violence.” (CUNY Policies and Procedures on Non-Discrimination and Sexual Harassment, July 2008)

As an Ally, I believe all individuals have the right to grow, learn, work, and develop in a healthy and supportive environment, free of prejudice and discrimination.

As an Ally, I am committed to fighting homophobia and heterosexism on campus and in my community.

As an Ally, I pledge myself to increasing visibility on campus for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, and questioning individuals by being open and willing to foster a safer environment.


As an Ally, I pledge to practice a policy of “zero indifference” to name calling and put-downs.


As an Ally, I will strive to use inclusive language in my written and spoken communication.


As an Ally, I am willing to talk to, listen to, be a friend to, and support anyone in need from the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, and questioning community.

As an Ally, I pledge to continue to educate myself on LGBTQ concerns.

To become a Safe Zone Ally contact the coordinators to attend one of our three hour faculty and staff training workshops. 

New Ally Training Workshops, Spring 2012:

Thursday, March 29, 3:00-6:00 PM

Wednesday May 2, 9:00 AM-12:00 PM

Safe Zone Allies, Spring 2012

 Download here:


 Academic Administration and Program Planning & Development

David Gomez, V.P.


Academic Advisement Center

George Nicolaidis

George Hill


Academic Affairs

Loretta DiLorenzo, Dean

Barbara Fairweather

Marissa Schlesinger

Rachel Singer, ret.


Academic Scheduling

Crystal Rodwell


Access-Ability Center

Irina Abinya

Laura Armour

Gail Glass-Malley

Peter Santiago


Art Dept.

Brian Hack

Maya Jímenez

Caterina Pierre


Associate Provost’s Office

Helen-Margaret Nasser


Behavioral Sciences Dept.

Maria Bartolomeo

Alison Better

Rosemary Cangelosi

Susan Farrell

Lourdes Follins

Lisa Paler

Janet Leslie-Pierre

Juan Morales-Flores

Petra Symister

Jason VanOra

Joseph Verdino


Business Dept.

Donald Donin

Thomas McManus


Business Management

Olga Vasquez


Career Services, Transfer, Scholarship, & New Start

Annery Abreu

Carolyn Gribben

Brian Mitra

Genea Stewart

Heidi Yu


Center for Economic & Workforce Development

Dina LiMandri

Denise Mantro


Collaborative Programs / College Now

Bridget McClure

Daisy Torres


College Advancement

Kirstin Swanson


College Discovery / Bilingual Studies Program

Evelyn Cendan

NaReida Crandall

Reina Prestia


Communications & Performing Arts Dept.

Kaitlin Maggiore

Ryan McKinney

Maureen Minielli

Vincent Cuccia


Counseling Resource Center

Natalie Rubinton


Continuing Education

Patti D’Acosta

Frank Milano


English Dept.

Steven Amarnick

Rick Armstrong

Eleanor Bader

Sylviane Baumflek

Leslie Broder

Jennifer Cortijo

Robert Cowan

Martha Cummings

Annie Del Principe

Elizabeth Dill

Maureen Fadem

Eileen Ferretti

Meg Feeley

Lisa Freedman

Matthew Gartner

Karlene Gooding

Janine Graziano-King

Linda Holman

Kevin Kolkmeyer

Ronna Levy

Betsy McCully

Gene McQuillan

Jennifer Oliveri

Frances Ruoff

Vanessa Santaga

Maria Scordaras

Cheryl Smith

Julie Torrant

Eben Wood

John Yi


Financial Aid

Keisha Johnson


Freshman Services & College Advisement

Marilyn Chernin

Peter Cohen, Dean

Tara Yarczower


Health, Physical Education, & Recreation Dept.

Tonya Cherry

Christine Fey

Diane Guido

Jose Nanín

Nancy Nemorin

Nicholas Skirka


History, Philosophy, & Political Science Dept.

Rick Repetti


Human Resources & Labor Relations

Micheline Driscoll


Institutional Research

Chris Calienes



Nanette Johnson


Maritime Technology Program

Tony DiLernia


Men’s Resource Center

Michael Rodriguez


Opening Doors Learning Communities

Marcia Babbitt

Damali Dublin

Samantha Sierra

Stephanie Terry

Marie Williams


Physical Sciences Dept.

Jack Arnow


President’s Office

Susan Paul

Angel Rivera


Single Stop

Heidi Lopez


Student Affairs

Angela Alvarado-Coleman

Faith Fogelman

Joanne Palmieri


Student Life

Anthony Blake

Maria Patestas


Tourism & Hospitality Dept.

Jonathan Deutsch

George Edwards

Robynne Maii


Veteran Affairs Student Office

Robert Cincinnati

William Fox

Peaches Diamond


Women’s Resource Center

Ilona Fridson

Frances Robinson


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Student Allies

Daniel Dankyi

Cid Dominique ‘11

Nicole Fishman

Vlad Iorsh ‘11

Olena Romanyshyn

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