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President’s Weekly Message

T'is the Season

T'is the Season

Thursday, October 29, 2020 4:43 PM

Dear Students,

On Sunday, November 1, we will "fall back" that is, set our clocks back one hour in accordance with the practice of Daylight Savings Time.  We all know what happens next.  On the bright side (literally) we gain one more hour of light in the morning. However, we gain an hour of sleep and sunset will come earlier. For these reasons, as well as the flowers disappearing, leaves falling off the trees and temperatures creeping downward, that autumn is not my favorite season.  

Truth be told, I love the spring and summer!  I want as much sunlight as possible.  I enjoy the fullness of trees in the park, and seeing the flowers bloom around my neighborhood.  Although I have favorite seasons, I realize there cannot be a spring without an autumn; and it is the cold winters that make me appreciate summers even more.  The seasons, even the ones I don’t like remind me about balance and perspective. 

I want you to know that this season (where you are in life; all that you are doing and experiencing; school, work, taking care of a family;  the challenges you face; and the success you have) is preparing you for your next season... and when it comes, you will be ready.  

President Schrader