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President’s Weekly Messages to Students

My Left Palm is Itching

Monday, May 23, 2022

Dear KCC Students,

My left palm is itching.  Where I am from, that means that I will be getting money from  somewhere.  When my right palm itches, it means that I am going to lose, spend, or give someone money soon.   While I am on this topic, I don’t know about anyone else, but every time I have seen a green grasshopper, I am sure to get some money. 

Fortunately for you, at Kingsborough and at CUNY you don’t need to wait for your palm to itch or to see a green grasshopper to get the financial assistance that you need.

A new semester is around the corner and I know many of you have outstanding balances from this semester and others of you are worried about how you will pay for college in the fall at KCC or the four year college you are applying or have been accepted to. Here is some information that I hope will be helpful to you.

  • If you have not yet applied for financial aid, I encourage you to apply you do so.  Use the CUNY Financial Aid Estimator to determine what financial aid awards you may be eligible to receive.

  • At KCC and many other colleges, if you are unable to pay your bill all at once, you can make arrangements make monthly payments.  For more information regarding a Tuition Payment Plan- NELNET, you can call 888-470-6014 or visit: WWW.MYCOLLEGEPAYMENTPLAN.COM/CUNY

  • Often times other financial responsibilities may weigh heavily on you and affect your ability to pay for college. You may need help with groceries; your rent maybe too expensive to maintain, or maybe you are unemployed.  If you are experiencing financial challenges like these,  can stop by the Access and Resource Center (ARC) for a benefits screening to see if you are eligible for Public Assistance, SNAP, WIC, SSI, General Assistance, Health Insurance, Child Care, and the Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP). Their office is located in room E-115 and you can stop by Monday, Thursday and Friday from 9am to 5pm and Tuesdays from 6pm. Or you can reach out to the Director, Ms. Elmore by calling 718-368-6713 or via email at:

  • I also know that sometimes emergencies occur that affect our ability to pay for college. At KCC you can apply for an emergency grant.  Grants are awarded based on donor guidelines and the availability of funds and do not have to be paid back. But in order for your application to be considered, you must satisfy the eligibility requirements.  You can read more about the eligibility requirements as well as additional emergency grant policies here:

 KCC students, believe it or not, today - May 23 - is National Lucky Penny Day.  It is said that if you find a penny today, you will have good luck.   I don’t know how true that is, but I do know that you have something better than luck, you have a college community that is committed to you earning your college degree and your ultimate success.

Given that there has been a surge in COVID cases across the city, Chancellor Matos-Rodriguez and I urge you to wear a mask in public indoor spaces – for your safety and that of those around you. Please be reminded that the best way to avoid serious illness from COVID-19 is to stay up to date with the vaccines and boosters. If you have symptoms or were exposed, get tested to ensure you're not spreading the virus. And if you test positive, talk to your doctor about treatment.

Have a great week and stay safe.
President Schrader

My Left Palm is Itching