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Jack Taub Memorial Website

Professor Jack Taub was a beloved teacher and colleague of Kingsborough Community College. For decades, Professor Taub worked closely with his students as a mentor, instructor, and friend. He tutored Kingsborough basketball players, worked closely with the Men's Resource Center, and was one of the founding members of the Black Male Initiative on our campus. Fighting tirelessly over the years to bring racial equality to the Kingsborough classroom, he eventually began a faculty training program called Empowering the Black Student in the Multicultural Classroom. His final project was a teacher's manual designed to educate instructors about eradicating racism in their classrooms, on our campus, and in our lives. He will be missed by all who knew him.

From Jack Taub's Letters:

  • So many white teachers insist that they do not see color - and that they treat everyone the same. Could it be that this is a form of denial on their part? Could it be? Isn't it true that in reality, in this society as it is, that the very first thing we do see is color? And isn't it also true that even if we could, at this point in time, treat everyone the same (which of course we cannot do) it would not be enough? Treating everyone the same would not be nearly enough, not after all of these hundreds of years of something very different from treating everyone "the same." So, instead of avoiding racism, how can we do more, be anti-racist? What does that mean, and how should we practice it?
  • What is now but a small brush fire will soon turn into a raging, out-of-control forest fire. Not the kind of course that causes people to burn but rather to learn. Not the kind that causes the skin to peel but rather to heal, and of course the healing that we will bring will go far beneath the surface of the skin. It will go down to the bone, to the soul. You know that, so take heart, fear not, stay strong, keep on keeping on, don't let the sun catch you crying, don't even think about dying (and I'm not lying—you know I ain't lying). We've got work to do, and we can and will do it, because we're in the groove, and on the move.

From Empowering The Black Student in the Multicultural Classroom: A Training Manual:

  • The transformation that we seek to bring about in the classroom is a transformation that must begin with the teacher.
  • There is no such thing as a ‘race-neutral’ space in a society as inherently racist as ours is. Those who claim not to see color and who claim as well that they treat everyone the same are not only deceiving themselves in that regard, but are deceiving themselves in the larger matter as well.
  • Those of us who would teach would first have to pay real attention to the reality of the larger society. We would have to see what it is, precisely, that our students are bringing in to our classrooms from that larger society, what they have already internalized, what they have been conditioned by, and we would have to understand how it affects their perception and their behavior. For until we have that, we can, in reality, do nothing else—nothing else that has, in reality, anything to do with actual teaching.
  • Race does matter, and those who insist that it does not, or that it should not, are in a state of utter ignorance if not denial. They are under the most grotesque illusion, or are deluding themselves. This must be said, and repeated over and over, not because we wish to offend anyone, but because we can no longer afford to tolerate such obstruction in our path.
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011/18/2011 10:06 AM
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