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KCC READS is a collaborative effort: under the general leadership of the program coordinator, it is administered by a campus-wide cohort, renewed each academic year, comprised of full- and part-time faculty as well as members of our administration and student body.

This collaborative cohort includes participation in these and other ways:

  • attending three meetings each semester (to plan events, to create  short and long lists of nominated books, to vote on the following year's book, etc.);
  • playing various roles  in connection with events across the year: roundtables, faculty development workshops, student activities/events, the annual conference and keynote lecture, etc.;
  • the option of doing editorial work on the KCC Reads student journal, on the KCC Reads website, or helping with KCC Reads PR efforts, including posting flyers and posters and other forms of outreach;
  • contributing to the KCC Reads blog (which will soon be part of the new KCC Reads website);
  • and/or, participating, if interested, in a winter module book discussion group, run by Martha Cummings.

This involvement is a form of service to the college and we wish to thank, in advance, each and every member of the cohort for devoting their time, resources, creativity and ideas to making KCC Reads an effective program—engaging and developing students, cultivating a sense of community across campus, and serving the needs of New York City and wider civil society.

Each semester, there are three official meetings of the cohort. Each one will be announced by email. Please look for those announcements from the program coordinator,
Maureen Fadem. Contact Maureen if you would like to become part of the cohort, have questions or an agenda item for a cohort meeting.

KCC Reads 

 KCC Reads: Campus-wide Cohort, 2017 - 2018: under construction

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