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KCC READS is a collaborative effort: under the general leadership of the program coordinator, it is administered by a campus-wide cohort, renewed each academic year, comprised of full- and part-time faculty as well as members of our administration and student body.

This collaborative cohort includes participation in these and other ways:

  • attending three meetings each semester (to plan events, to create  short and long lists of nominated books, to vote on the following year's book, etc.);
  • playing various roles  in connection with events across the year: roundtables, faculty development workshops, student activities/events, the annual conference and keynote lecture, etc.;
  • the option of doing editorial work on the KCC Reads student journal, on the KCC Reads website, or helping with KCC Reads PR efforts, including posting flyers and posters and other forms of outreach;
  • contributing to the KCC Reads blog (which will soon be part of the new KCC Reads website);
  • and/or, participating, if interested, in a winter module book discussion group, run by Martha Cummings.

This involvement is a form of service to the college and we wish to thank, in advance, each and every member of the cohort for devoting their time, resources, creativity and ideas to making KCC Reads an effective program—engaging and developing students, cultivating a sense of community across campus, and serving the needs of New York City and wider civil society.

Each semester, there are three official meetings of the cohort. Each one will be announced by email. Please look for those announcements from the program coordinator,
Maureen Fadem. Contact Maureen if you would like to become part of the cohort, have questions or an agenda item for a cohort meeting.

KCC Reads 

 KCC Reads: Campus-wide Cohort, 2014 - 2015:






Zanib Ahmad


KCC Alumnus, 2014 | Fine Art, Hunter College / Winner of KCC Reads Social Justice Award, 2013

Laurie Abend

Faculty, Dept. of English

Steve Amarnick

Faculty, Dept. of English / Safe Zones Liaison

D.L. Anderson

Faculty, Dept. of English, Video & Multimedia Liaison

Jaime Berco

Office of the Associate Provost

Jay Bernstein

Faculty, Library and Media Services

Wendy Chu

Faculty, Library and Media Services / Library Liaison

Nicole Colbert

Faculty, Dept. of English / Student Events Liaison

Martha Cummings

Faculty, Dept. of English / Winter Reading Group Facilitator

Mark D'Alessandro Faculty, Culinary Arts, Dept. of Tourism & Hospitality
Aparajita De Faculty, Dept. of English

Kevicha Echols

Faculty, Dept. of Health, Physical Education & Recreation / Health Dept. Liaison

Maureen Fadem

Faculty, Dept. of English / Coordinator of KCC Reads

Reza Fakhari

Associate Provost / Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs

Gregory Fletcher

Director of Theatre Arts, Dept. of Communications and Performing Arts

Dimitri Foster

KCC Alumnus, 2013 / Biomedical Engineering, City College

Lisa Freedman

Faculty, Dept. of English
Mara Gittleman Coordinator, The KCC Urban Farm / Urban Farm Liaison
Rachelle Goldsmith

Director, The KCC Honors Program / Honors Program Liaison

Brian Hack

Faculty, Dept. of Art
Steve Janowsky Faculty, Dept. of English
Farin Kautz

KCC Alumnus, 2012 / History, Columbia University

Milagros Martinez

KCC Student, Major: Theatre Arts

Martin Matthew

Faculty, Dept. of History, Philosophy and Political Science

Dalila Mendez

KCC Alumnus, 2013 / Education, Brooklyn College

JoAnne Meyers

Office of the President

Helen-Margaret Nasser


Honors Program Office / Office of the Associate Provost / Faculty, Global & Environmental Studies / KCC Reads Liaison

Mary Lynn Navarro

Faculty, Dept. of English

Raymond Neinstein

CLIP Instructor

Elaina Olynciw

Faculty, Dept. of Biological Sciences

Janine Palludan

KCTL, Office of Academic Affairs / Office of the Associate Provost

Janina Perez Faculty, Dept. of English

Linda Pierce

Office of Academic Affairs / Office of the Associate Provost

Caterina Y. Pierre

Faculty, Dept. of Art

Christian Pimentel

KCC Student, Major: Journalism

Jennifer Radtke Faculty, Dept. of English
Paul Ricciardi

Faculty, Dept. of Communications and Performing Arts / Theatre & Performance Liaison

Frances Robinson

LMSW / Program Manager, The Women's Center

Michael P. Rodriguez

BMI / Program Manager, The Men's Resource Center

Crystal Rodwell

Office of Information Technology Services

Anna Sacerdote

KCC Student, Major: Criminal Justice / KCC Reads Program Assistant 2014 - 15

Robert Schacter Office of the Associate Provost / KCC Reads Liaison
Ashiza Shah Faculty, Dept. of English
Anzhalika Shastapalava

KCC Student, Major: Liberal Studies

Indira Skoric

Faculty, Dept. of History, Philosophy and Political Science

Thom Smyth


Director of Culinary Arts, Dept. of Tourism & Hospitality / Culinary Arts Liaison

Madeline Sorel

Faculty, Dept. of Art / Art Dept. Liaison

Samantha Sowizdral

KCC Student, Major: Fine Art

Tara Thompson

Faculty, Dept. of English

Silvia Torres

Manager, The KCC Urban Farm / Urban Farm Liaison

Diana Treglia

Faculty, Dept. of Health, Physical Education & Recreation

Jamila Wallace

KCC Student, Major: Mathematics / KCC Reads Program Assistant 2014 - 15

Jane Weiss

Faculty, Dept. of English

Tisha R. Williams

KCC Student, Major: Tourism & Hospitality

Xiaoting Wu

Communication & Publication Design Coordinator

Toby Zipper

Faculty, Dept. of English

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