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CLICS: (CUNY Libraries Inter-Campus Services)

What it is and how to use it

A CLICS Request can be placed on a regular CUNY book that is NOT on loan.

You can use the procedure described below to request a book that IS on loan, but this is called a HOLD.

  • Begin at the Library Home Page. 
  • Click on the word: CUNY+ Catalog (this will bring you to the Kingsborough catalog). Under Select library: select : All CUNY Libraries.
  • SEARCH for the book you want by title, author, or subject (this will bring up a Browse List) 
  • In the BROWSE LIST (locate the book you want) ---> click on the TITLE to access the bibliographic record.
  • In the following RECORD ---> click on the word REQUEST (on the orange ribbon found toward the top of the screen). This will lead you to authentication page, in which you are asked to Please log-in with your CUNY library barcode
  • In the Barcode box, type the 14-digit barcode on Your Kingsborough ID card beginning with 22770. Do not use any spaces.
  • In the Password box retype the same 14-digit number (hint: you can copy and paste it). Your barcode will remain your password until you change it.
  • Click on Log In
    • To change your password, go into My Account/Renew. Follow the instructions carefully.
    • If you have never borrowed a book from the Kingsborough Library you MUST go to the Circulation Desk and ask to have your patron record activated before attempting to log-on.
    • All library notices are being sent via Kingsborough E-mail.
  • A TITLE REQUEST PAGE will appear. From the drop down menu next to Pickup/delivery location, choose the college where you wish to pick-up the book. In order to finalize the request ---> click GO
  • Do not type anything in the boxes next to Period of interest. 
  • READ THE MESSAGE at the top of the page. It will let you know if the REQUEST was placed successfully (it will also inform you if the REQUEST could not be placed) 
    ---> click GO
    • If you want a printout of the page ---> click PRINT first ---> then click GO
  • Check your Kingsborough email daily to find out if your book has arrived so you can pick it up.

Please Note:

    • CLICS/HOLD requests can only be placed by patrons who have open access privileges with no blocks on their record.

IMPORTANT to ensure security

  • When you are finished requesting books ---> click on LOGOUT on the right-hand side of the blue ribbon on top. To further protect your privacy, close the browser window before leaving the computer.

Last updated October 2014
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