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Immersion ESL

Immersion ESL is a free, one-semester Program offered to incoming multilingual students in the Spring. This rigorous program meets for a total of 12 hours a week. Two English Department professors design the course assignments together to help students develop academic reading and writing abilities. With this preparation, Immersion ESL helps students succeed within Kingsborough's academic community.

Students will read books, write essays, and give presentations using technology and multimedia in ways that will prepare students for Kingsborough’s college requirements. Topics discussed will include a variety of academic disciplines including Health, History, Sociology, and Psychology. At the end of this one-semester Program, students are retested in the CUNY Reading and Writing exams.

To learn more, please contact one of the ESL Coordinators Tara Thompson or Martha Cummings at Ph: 718-368-6610, or Ph: 718-368-6611.

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