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The information below is provided to College Assistants of Kingsborough Community College. Please review this carefully and, if you have any questions, contact Jennifer McLinden or Erina Theodore at extension 5436.

1) The total number of hours that you may work during a fiscal year (July 1 through June 30) are controlled by either or both of the following:
a. An individual allocation of hours for your work assignment.
b. The contractual maximum number of hours permitted by the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

2) Time sheets must be completed on an occurrence basis every day that you work. Please remember that time sheets are the basis for payment. It is essential that they be completed accurately and that they reflect actual hours worked. At the end of the week, the time sheet should be given to your supervisor for signature.

3) In order that salary payment be made in a timely manner, time sheets should be received by the Personnel Office each week on Monday morning.

4) Use of sick and annual leave is permitted after working 500 hours in a fiscal year, carry over can be used immediately.

5) Welfare benefits, provided through DC37, Local 2054, which include disability, optical, prescription drug and dental coverage, are available after you have worked a total of 45 in a four week union cycle and IF you have an assignment of at least 17½ hours per week. Keep in mind that the Plan depends on various payroll systems to establish eligibility. In most cases there is a 4 to 6 week reporting lag. Please see your Union Representative or log onto the website
for more details.

6) Major Medical Benefits are available IF you have a regular assignment which is expected to last for at least (6) months and have worked at least 20 hours a week for 12 consecutive weeks. You will be contacted by the Personnel Office at the time of your eligibility.

7) The NYCERS Pension System is optional for all College Assistants. Once you join the pension system, you will need to complete 9,135 hours to become vested, which is the equivalent to 5 Full Time years of service. To retire with medical benefits, you must work the equivalent of 10 Full Time years of credited service which is equal to 18,270 hours. If you would like an application or information for NYCERS see Detrice McPhatter in P203.

8) At the time of your employment you will be given an ID note to be presented to the Bursar Office if you require a parking permit. Currently there is a charge of $110 per year for the parking permit.

9) You are required to obtain a Kingsborough Community College ID card. You must present your ID note to the Security Office, Room L202. An ID card must be presented when you pick up your payroll check. Kingsborough Community College ID cards should be carried at all times and be presented if requested for identification by Security Personnel. ID cards are issued immediately.

College Assistants accrue Sick Leave at the rate of one (1) hour of leave for every 20 hours actually worked with no maximum accrual. Unused Sick Leave accruals may be carried forward to the following fiscal year and utilized without meeting the 500 hour threshold. Sick leave usage is for personal illness only and can only be used for days and/or hours an employee is scheduled to work. In order to utilize sick leave usage for medical appointments, a College Assistant must show why such appointments cannot be scheduled at other than work time.

Use of Annual Leave must be approved in advance and may only be utilized for days and/or hours an employee is scheduled to work. Unused Annual Leave may not be carried forward to a new fiscal year. Employees will be paid in full for such accruals.

Those employees hired prior to July 1, 1985, accrue Annual Leave at the rate of one (1) hour of leave for every 11 hours actually worked with a maximum accrual of 95 hours. Those hired on or after July 1, 1985, accrue Annual Leave at the rate of:

First four years of service, the accrual rate will be one (1) hour of leave for every 15 hours worked. Maximum accrual is 69 hours and maximum hours worked is 1040 hours.

Fifth Year: One (1) hour of leave for every 11 hours worked. Maximum accrual is 95 hours and maximum hours worked is 1040.

College Assistants who work 500 or more hours in a fiscal year for three (3) full years of service are no longer required to meet the 500 hour threshold before using sick leave or annual leave.


The 2002 - 2006 CUNY White Collar agreement provides for the continuance of certain procedures to be followed in the use of sick leave by all staffs. The following details those provisions applicable to College Assistants Personnel and Sign Language Interpreters.

Please note that, in accordance with the contract, you will be held accountable to these regulations as they apply to the use of sick leave. If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Jennifer McLinden in the Human Resources Office.


A. Sick leave shall be used only for personal illness of the employee. Approval of sick leave in accordance with "Leave Regulations" is discretionary with the College or University and proof of disability must be provided by the employee, satisfactory to the College or University.

B. The provisions of paragraph A. above notwithstanding, the College or University may waive the requirement for proof of the disability unless:

1) An employee requests sick leave for more than three (3) consecutive work days; or
2) An employee used undocumented sick leave more than five (5) times in a six (6) month "sick leave period."

Employees hired during a "sick leave period" shall be subject to the terms of this subsection commencing with the next complete "sick leave period."

C. For the purposes of B (1) and B (2) above, the calendar year shall be divided into two (2), six (6) month "sick leave periods." They shall be (1) January 1 to June 30 inclusive, and (2) July 1 to December 31, inclusive. An employee who exceeds the allowable number of undocumented absences in any "sick leave period" pursuant to paragraphs B (1) and B (2) above shall thereafter, commencing with the next "sick leave period," be required to submit medical documentation, satisfactory to the college president before further sick leave may be approved. The requirement for such documentation shall continue in effect until the employee has worked a complete "sick leave period" without being on sick leave more than two (2) times.

D. For the purposes of this section "one time" shall mean the consecutive use of one-half (1/2) or more work days for sick leave. Sick leave taken in units of less than one half (1/2) scheduled work day shall be counted as "one time" on sick leave when the cumulative total of such sick leave amounts to one-half (1/2) scheduled work day.

E. Any employee who anticipates a series of three (3) or more medical appointments, which will require a repeated use of sick leave in units of one day or less shall submit medical documentation indicating the nature of the condition and the anticipated schedule of treatment. Sick leave taken pursuant to said schedule of treatment shall be deemed documented. A College Assistant or Sign Language Interpreter (SLI) shall show why the medical appointments cannot be scheduled at a time other than when the College Assistant or SLI is scheduled to work.

F. The medical documentation required by this Section shall be from a health practitioner licensed by the state in which he/she practices to diagnose and certify illness or disability. When an employee has been recommended for relief from duty by a medical practitioner acting on behalf of a College or the University, the time granted shall be considered documented sick leave for the day of their relief from duty only, unless otherwise specified by the college or university's practitioner.


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