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Full-Time Administrative Support Staff and College Assistant Personnel


TO: Full-Time Administrative Support Staff and College Assistant Personnel
FROM: Mickie Driscoll
SUBJECT: Procedure in the Event of "Emergency Closing"

I write to alert you once again to procedures to be followed in the event of an "Emergency Closing".

An "Emergency Closing" has been defined as cancellation of classes due to weather, transportation, or other major emergencies. In case of such an "Emergency Closing" members of the staffs above described are not to report to work unless specifically designated by the Vice President of Administration and Planning as "Emergency Staff".

Full-time support staff members, other than Buildings and Grounds personnel, and Campus Peace Officers and Campus Security Officers, will have their absences excused. Those specifically designated as "Emergency Staff" will work during emergency closings and will be compensated as provided for under the appropriate collective bargaining agreement.

In the event of an emergency closing due to severe weather conditions or other emergencies, the fact that classes have been cancelled at Kingsborough Community College will be announced on the following radio stations.

  • WKRB-FM 90.9 FM (Kingsborough station)
  • WADO 1280 AM
  • WBLS 107.5 FM
  • WCBS 880 AM, 101.1 FM
  • WFAS 1230 AM, 104 FM
  • WINS 1010 AM
  • WLIB 1190 AM

If there are any questions with regard to this procedure, please let me know.



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