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Honors Transfer

Honors Transfer Colleges & Universities:

Ada Comstock Scholars Program-Smith College
Each year approximately 150 students apply for 30 openings in the Ada Comstock Scholars Program, which enables women of nontraditional college age (women who are 24 or older, a veteran or have a dependent other than a spouse are eligible to apply) to complete a Bachelor of Arts degree either part-time or full-time, with flexible options for reduced course loads, special academic advising, career counseling and housing.

Clarkson University-Honors Program
Each year high-achieving KCC's students are given the opportunity to apply to a STEM Honors REU2 Summer Research Program (room and board, and all research related expenses are covered) at Clarkson University, and potentially to receive a full scholarship to attend Clarkson University as a STEM Transfer Student.  Full scholarships (cost of attendance) are given to selected under-represented students transferring to Clarkson from community colleges.

Frances Perkins Program-Mount Holyoke
Each year there are 25 openings for the Frances Perkins Scholars Program, and that welcome comes with very generous financial support from the College. The Frances Perkins Program is open to and designed for women 25 years and older who have experienced an interruption in their education, but who now seek the intellectual challenge of completing their 4-year degree at a top liberal arts institution. Veterans, active military, and women who are under 25 with dependents are also eligible to apply.

School of General Studies-Columbia University
Each year high-achieving KCC's students are accepted for transfer with scholarship. The School of General Studies of Columbia University is the finest liberal arts college in the United States created specifically for returning and nontraditional students seeking a rigorous, traditional, Ivy League undergraduate degree full or part time. We encourage KCC students to apply to their Alumni Ambassadors program which offers students the opportunity to share their experiences as a transfer student.

The Community College Transfer Opportunity Program (CCTOP)-New York University
Each year students are accepted into the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development which has partnered with the School of Professional Studies Division of Applied Undergraduate Studies (structured for non-traditional students and offers different programs), and the Silver School of Social Work. The scholarship and advisement program are designed to help qualified community college students transfer to NYU.

Vassar College-The Exploring Transfer Program
For over twenty years, the Exploring Transfer Program, has given community college students the chance to live and learn at Vassar College. In addition to rigorously preparing students for transfer to four-year institutions, the program provides students with a stimulating experience that enables them to decide if they would prefer to attend a challenging four-year liberal arts college. Correspondingly, students participating in the Exploring Transfer Program are immersed in an academically intensive five-week program, designed to foster the type of intellectual growth for which Vassar is known. Each student takes two Vassar courses at the 100-level, which are team-taught by a Vassar professor and a community college professor; lives on the Vassar campus, in dormitory housing; and takes meals in the campus dining halls. Vassar covers the cost of the courses, housing, food and books. In return, the program asks that students come with an eagerness to learn and a desire to challenge themselves academically, transcending boundaries previously thought possible.

For more information, please visit the Honors Office in room M377.

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