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National Model United Nations (NMUN)

With over 4,000 university students from all over the world participating, NMUN is the largest and most authentic simulation of the United Nations (UN). Located in New York City, it takes place annually and is partly held at the UN facilities on the East River. The full expenses are covered by the college.

The goal of the NMUN simulation is to provide students (from over 250 international universities) with a better understanding of the inner workings of the United Nations as they build skills in diplomacy, negotiation and compromise. The structure, organizational design and agenda are set so that the conference is as realistic and comparable to actual UN conferences as possible.

Students interested in participating in the NMUN must apply and once accepted must take the 3-credit International Organizations course, taught by Prof. Katherine Opello, which prepares them for effective participation in the NMUN.

The National Model United Nations website
NMUN Information Sheet 2013

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