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KCC Honors Program: Scholarship, Service, Leadership

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THE HONORS PROGRAM is a specialized set of courses catering to the development of critical thinking, writing, public speaking and communication skills. It is an opportunity for highly motivated and academically capable students who seek to be intellectually challenged.

What’s in it for me?
  • Honors classes are smaller in size than the other classes by some of the best professors on campus
  • Honors Reading Circle to give students the opportunity to read and discuss stirring books along with fellow students and the author
  • Off-campus study opportunities in countries such as Austria and Costa Rica
  • Participation in the week-long National Model United Nations program held every spring in Manhattan
  • Honors Club and Student World Assembly dedicated to promoting humanitarianism, intellectual and personal growth, environmentalism and fellowship within the Honors community
  • Resources for Education and Employment Opportunities (REEO) is designed to assist students in their transition to four year colleges and careers
  • Presidential Scholars Honors is 40-seat program that gives participants personalized attention to help them achieve their academic goals, assist them in transfer to four-year colleges, and the scholarship and internship process
  • Honors notations on your transcripts for completed coursework.
  • Priority registration
  • The opportunity to visit/meet with recruiters from public and private and local and out-of-town four year colleges.
  • Dedicated honors staff and students are available to assist you throughout your honors and college experience.
  • An Honors Lounge for quiet study or congregation with fellow honors students
  • Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) is an international honors society of the two-year college is for students with a 3.5 GPA who wish to take advantage of the academic, leadership,
Am I Eligible? YES if...
  • You have a GPA of 3.20 or higher, AND
  • Earned a grade of B or higher in English 12 or English 24, or Passed the CUNY/ACT tests in reading and writing, AND
  • Passed the CUNY Math Placement test or are enrolled in the appropriate developmental course.
If I meet these requirements, does that mean
I am automatically in the Honors Program?
No. To be in the Honors program, you must complete some type of Honors academic coursework – either enroll in an All- Honors class, or Honors Enrichment Component class, or complete and Honors Contract Project.
What about scholarships?
While the Honors Program does not offer any scholarships the honors students are among the first to be notified about scholarship opportunities and deadline dates. Honors students who decide to apply receive assistance with their application. Based on the experience of Honors alumni, many students receive scholarships because of the high academic standards in combination with extensive co-curricular activities promoted by the program.
Contact us for more information?
Visit: Honors House (M377)
Call: 718-368-5365
Visit online:

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