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The Exploring Transfer Program at Vassar College
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For over twenty years, the Exploring Transfer Program has given community college students the chance to live and learn at Vassar College. In addition to rigorously preparing students for transfer to four-year institutions, the program provides students with a stimulating experience that enables them to decide if they would prefer to attend a challenging four-year liberal arts college. Correspondingly, students participating in the Exploring Transfer Program are immersed in an academically intensive five-week program, designed to foster the type of intellectual growth for which Vassar is known. Each student takes two Vassar courses at the 100-level, which are team-taught by a Vassar professor and a community college professor; lives on the Vassar campus, in dormitory housing; and takes meals in the campus dining halls. Vassar covers the cost of the courses, housing, food and books. In return, the program asks that students come with an eagerness to learn and a desire to challenge themselves academically, transcending boundaries previously thought possible.

Interested students should visit the Honors House in M377 for more information.

My experience at Vassar College has been life changing. I remember the first day, driving up to the school’s campus. I felt very nervous because it was the first time I would be living away from my family. Yet I was anxious because I looked forward to a challenging and fun experience that would definitely encourage me to strive for my future academic and career goals. I must admit that my experience was nothing less than my expectations.
-Trisha Gustave

The Vassar Exploring transfer program is the most rigorous environment that I have ever experienced yet; the lessons I have learned could only spring from being challenged and gaining necessary skills in the world of academia. I have met wonderful lifelong friends throughout the program and you literally create a family while you are living on campus. Living on campus is a valuable experience especially to us community college students who constantly run in and out of class and may sometimes miss out on valuable in depth college life with classmates. I was completely blown away by the types of novels and articles that we read because the classes were synthesized in a unique and penetrating way to make you analyze everything. I will recommend this program to any student who wants to be challenged in different ways and is open to experiencing an elite liberal arts college for free!
- Dikun Elioba

 The idea of applying to  the Exploring Transfer at Vassar College was far from my imagination, only because other participants have mentioned to me how intense and stressful this program is. With everything that was going wrong in my personal life, I wasn't up for the challenge, neither did I think I could do it. As the deadline was approaching, Professor Rick Repetti, one of the best  Professors at Kingsborough Community College, while in class and before his lecture, stressed on the importance of applying to this particular program. I was still not impressed, but he kept posting it on our class group page on Facebook, then tagging my name and a few others’. Three days before the deadline, with the help of Professor Repetti who went out of his way to help me with the application process, I submitted the application thinking that I was not going to be one of the candidates, but I was wrong. I got accepted to the summer program at Vassar College, where I had the chance to live, learn, and grow academically and intellectually. I was exposed to graduate level work, which made it very challenging for everyone. There was a lot of writing, reading and research involved, which collectively helped prepare me for transfer to any four-year institutions. Not only does it look good on my transcript, but also it opens a lot more doors of opportunities that I never thought possible. Certainly these five weeks at Vassar have not been easy, but the knowledge imparted to me is without a doubt priceless and I am forever grateful.
- Jiani Michel Voltaire

The Vassar Exploring Transfer Program website

Click here to download application
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