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Honors Curriculum Strand

Honors Curriculum Strand Program
for Non-Liberal Arts Majors
Interested in Graduating with Honors Recognition


To be eligible, students must have earned between 12-30 credits and have a cumulative GPA of 3.40 or higher.
Students must complete a minimum of 12 or more credits (i.e., one-fifth of their degree) or more if stipulated by the department in Honors coursework in their major requirements based on approval from their HCS advisor.
All courses must be from within the student’s major area of concentration (i.e. mathematics, science, business, art). Courses can be:
1) All-Honors courses, or
2) Courses selected from major degree requirements in which the student elects to conduct an Honors Contract Project. Students must earn a final grade of “B+” or higher for all HCS courses and contracts in order to earn Honors credit. NOTE: A final course grade of C or higher will be permissible in Nursing.

Program Administration

Students can enter the program in one of two ways:

By invitation of the director in their major concentration area, and supported by approval of the Honors Program director. By contacting the Honors Academic Liaison or the director of the major concentration area and securing approval, as well as approval of the to the HCS program who feel that they have the time-management, work ethic and academic ability to meet the requirements of this program, should visit the Honors House in M377 to meet with a member of the Honors staff to discuss the matter further. Be advised that seats are limited to twelve students per term and will be offered on a first-come, first-serve basis to students who meet eligibility requirements and receive approval from the Honors Academic Liaison from their department or appropriate program director within the department.

To schedule an appointment, call the Honors House at 718-368-5365 or send an email to the Honors Program director, Dr. Rachelle Goldsmith, at or the Honors Program Associate Director, Ms. Helen-Margaret Nasser, at

Realize Your Potential

Program Rationale

The Honors Program at Kingsborough exists to challenge high-achieving students with rigorous coursework in an effort to foster critical inquiry and integrative learning within and across disciplines. Due to the limited number of Honors courses available, students majoring in areas
other than liberal arts who seek to earn Honors recognition for academic excellence cannot easily do so. The Honors Curriculum Strand (HCS) Program exists to enable superior non-liberal arts students from across the disciplines to be acknowledged for outstanding academic performance achieved in Honors coursework within their major field of study.

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