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Salzburg Global Seminar
Honors Students Photo
Honors Students Photo
Honors Students Photo

The Salzburg Global Seminar's International Studies Program (ISP) is held at the Schloss Leopoldskron castle in Salzburg, Austria. With full expenses covered, the intensive week-long program presents an unprecedented learning experience for students, many of whom have used the knowledge they've gained as the basis for increased civic engagement and direct involvement in their communities.

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The Salzburg Global Seminar was a pivotal learning experience for me because it transformed the way that I view my life as well as humanity onto a larger global spectrum. This weeklong seminar was packed with the most intellectual stimulating conversations and lectures that engaged everyone and created future bonds among many students with the faculty. I never would have imagined majoring in Global Studies but one of the greatest lessons this experience taught me was no matter what academic atmosphere you are in, power comes from seeing how both the personal and intellectual senses are connected and can interrelate furthermore questioning, reflecting and critiquing your existence.
- Dikun Elioba

The ISP equips students to think on a global scale, with faculty emphasizing the interconnectedness of sociopolitical affairs. In this era of globalization, the lessons learned in this setting provide the tools necessary for students to act as global citizens in their everyday lives, and instills the motivation needed for them to become more proactive on a local scale.

My Salzburg Experience was defined by limitless inspiration. The quiet charm of the lake which calmly rests beneath the hulking mountain was a space which I will never forget. This magnificent backdrop was only to be outdone by the sheer brilliance of all of the speakers and faculty at ISP 51. Every word each speaker shared was laced with passion and endless wisdom. More than anything, I was reminded of the kind of life I hope to live, and was encouraged with ample evidence that this future is possible.
- Farin Kautz, Class of 2012

Students interested in participating in the Salzburg Global Seminar must apply and once accepted must take the 3-credit Global Ethics course, taught by Prof. Rick Repetti, which prepares them for effective participation in the ISP.

The Salzburg Global Seminar was one of the most rewarding programs I have ever participated in. It is a life changing experience to be in the same room as world renowned intellectuals in the fields of philosophy, economics, and global communications, and actively participate in the conversation. Never again will I get the chance to share tea on the terrace of a palace overlooking the Swiss Alps with such intellectuals who see my thoughts and opinions just as valid as theirs. The program gives you a whole new life perspective and gives you the tools necessary to "be the change you wish to seek in this world"
- Orlit Salman

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